Wrapped Inside

I see you wrapped inside those heavy chains

You think you have nothing more to gain

The smell of death is yet growing stronger

You hold out just a few moments longer


I try to reach to you, but you push me away

I try to stop you, but you keep me at bay

Why are you leaving, there’s no one to know

Why are you running, there’s nowhere to go 

The chains, they bite and claw at your skin

The weight of them breaks you, never allowing  to bend

The nights are closing in, the screams can now be heard

The bondage you long for makes this all absurd

Can’t you see Him, His light shines so bright 

He longs not to harm you, but to make this world now right 

Can’t you hear Him calling out your name

If you will but love Him, you will never be the same 

Penned – MG – 4/22/15