If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d invite you to have a seat on the couch, cuz it’s been raining a bit this evening and now, there is a downpour. Would you like coffee or tea or maybe a bit of hot cocoa?

Now, that you have your yummy cup of goodness, let’s sit and chat for a bit… I have some fun news this week…

Yesterday, my husband and I were treated to a “Night on the Town”in downtown Atlanta. Joey’s mom came to keep the boys, and we were picked up by a limo at 4:00.

We proceeded to Atlanta to eat At Fogo De Chao, a Brazillian Steakhouse. Oh. My. Goodness. You can really hurt yourself when eating there! They have an enormous salad bar, appropriately called, The Market Table, and then, when you’re ready, the waiters start bringing out the meats! You have a little coaster, which is red on one side and green on the other, and you use this to let the waiters know if/when you want more. The room seems almost to “move” as each waiter goes from table to table with a skewer stacked high of individual types of meat, such as, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, house sirloin, filet of lamb, ribs, pork loin, etc. You can choose what you like, and you can have as much as you’d like.

The food is absolutely fantastic, and because it’s simply slices of meat that each waiter gives you, it’s pretty easy to not realize how much you’ve really eaten until you are about to bust!
We left from there and checked in at The Westin. We were supposed to have dessert at the Sun Dial Restaurant, which is on the 72 floor, but we were so full, we didn’t dare. After we had recouperated a little, we decided to go up to the restaurant and see the view. They have a Gallery, just above the restaurant, where you can walk all around and every view is overlooking the city of Atlanta. It was absolutely beautiful! 

We left to come home today, and I was glad, as I’m not a big city girl, but we definitely had a blast for a treated ‘evening in the town!’😊

So, how was YOUR week? Anything exciting or interesting happen in your life? Please, tell!

It’s been lovely sharing this time with you, but now, it’s getting late, and our littlest one has climbed up beside me and fallen asleep; so, I suppose I will have to say so long until next week! 😉 Try to stay dry out there, and I do hope you have a wonderful week!

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Answer to Friday’s Angle #63 

How did you do yesterday??

I felt like this might be a rather easy one, but maybe not for a few… If you guessed wood or the rings on wood, you guessed right! 😉   


Friday’s New Angle #63

Hello, Hope you’re having a great Friday! 😊 It’s time for another New Angle here on the Grizzle Grist Mill. Remember, the answer will be posted here tomorrow at this same time. 


Straighten Your Crown!

This post came across my Facebook account thread last night, and I couldn’t help but repost it today. I wonder, “Does it jolt you like it does me?”

You see, I walk with a limp everyday. I go forward in life with pains that I try to hide from the outside world. I’m always walking around with a scar here and a cut there, which I cover well, and I place a pretty smile on my face to hide the battle within of inadequacy, loneliness and worthlessness, but the scars remain regardless of the facade.

It doesn’t mean God isn’t healing me, and it doesn’t mean I am pitiful, nor do I desire your pity. Just because someone learns to survive their pain doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Simply because I learn to thrive through the storm doesn’t mean the rain doesn’t bring a chill to my bones sometimes. Learning to cope, learning to survive is just what we do. It’s what we all do in this journey we call life. Yet, I don’t want to simply survive till the end. I want to thrive! I want to live victoriously, and I want to lead others out of the bondage they are in!

So, when a post like this comes across my path, I need to pay attention. When a word this deep is sent to me, even indirectly, I need to stop and take note for God is speaking straight to my heart. He wants me to not only hear Him but to truly listen to what He has to say…

You see, I am a King’s kid! I am a daughter of royalty. I am a child of the Almighty. When you belong to a King, you walk differently. You talk differently. You live differently.

God never called us to live defeated lives. He never called us to simply survive, barely scraping by, in this darkened world till He calls us home. He didn’t intend for us to just live day to day, “clocking in and out,” as if it’s a 9-5 job of hard labor, and we’re just waiting for our paycheck to come in the mail. Romans 8:37 tells us, “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Emphasis mine), and Matthew 28:19 reminds us to, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” It is our responsibility, our ‘Great Commission’ to go tell the world about the great love and joy we have found!

It is time we speak up, we speak out, and we let our voice be heard. Sister, walk no longer in sin, rebellion or shame. Go ahead, and straighten that crown on your head, and get specific in your prayers and walk in his calling. Share with your world the joy of the Lord, not just the mundane survival of faithfulness. Sustaining until the end is essential, but even Christ won one more soul while He hung on the cross! Why? Because He was overflowing love and hope even at that painful moment, and He was willing to be bold and truthful regardless of His circumstances and regardless of those who stood around Him in disbelief!

He has beckoned you. Did you think you wouldn’t get here? Did you think He wouldn’t come? Walk boldly into His presence and let Him tell you He loves you. Let Him lead you beside those still waters and remind you of who He is. Let Him guide you to that place of security, strength and confidence; then, go out and shout it to the world what you have found.

You are His baby girl, and He will fight for you. Stop walking through this life shamefully. Stop shying away from truth and victory. He has purposes for you to succeed. He has souls for you to rescue out of destruction. He has destined for you to win! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Go now, straighten that crown and live like a queen! 😉💗

I Don’t Hate You. I Just Disagree. 

source: pinterest.com

There is so much in the news these days about this group hating that group, those people wanting to wound or even kill the people in another “club,” and this one and that one can’t speak, or it’s considered hate speech. Now, please note, I am NOT about to go off on a political tirade, or a politically correct debate, nor am I even about to discuss my own opinions and standards. That’s not what this post will be about.

I just want to say something, and I want to make it eternally clear: Just because I disagree with you DOES NOT mean I hate you!! Ok, I’m glad I got that off my chest. I almost put the whole sentence in all caps, but I don’t want you thinking I’m shouting at you; even though, I would like to shout this from the rooftops.


Source: pinterest.com

I am so tired of the false allegations from so many in today’s society who scream “hate speech” when you simply disagree with what someone else is doing or how they are acting. I know there are those who wear ‘the same hats’ as I do, and they may have really meant for their words to be filled with hatred, and this has paved a hard road ahead for me. Yet, do you have to punish every good person with every nut case?

Yes, I am a white, middle class, conservative, American, Christian woman, and I am very proud of my God, my country and my family. I will defend these and stand by these until the end, but that does not mean that I hate the next person simply because he or she disagrees with me, because he is of a different race, because she is of a different political persuasion, or because he has more or less money than I do. Just because we are different doesn’t mean we can’t live civil. It may mean we agree not to discuss our differences all the time, especially if one or both parties can’t handle too much. It may mean we voice our beliefs with truth and confidence, but give some space for others to do so. That’s called living. That’s called being an individual. … or at least, it used to be.

Do I believe my way is the right way? This may come as a shock to you; so, wait for it… NO! Do I believe the way of my God, the Creator of this universe, the Savior of my soul, is the right and true, very best way to live? YES! Am I going to share my faith, hoping you find the same unconditional love, unspeakable joy, and unfathomable peace I have? YES!

This does not mean I hate you when I disagree with what you are doing or how you are living. When I state my standards differently than you, it doesn’t make me better than you nor does it make you better than me. When I see things differently, it simply means I want to see better for you.

The whole new motto trend of “live and let live” bothers me, in that, if we simply let those around us live as they choose, and we live as we choose, with no moral authority guiding us, we all will, eventually, encounter dangers that could have been avoided, or we will begin infringing upon another with the “new found freedom” we believe we have. This becomes an unfair and dangerous approach for all involved.

Do you realize that confrontation is the highest form of love?

When my friends are doing something that I can see might harm them, I try to tell them the danger ahead. It may not change what they think, but I am responsible for speaking up. If my kids are playing in the street, and a car is coming around the corner, I’m going to run and holler for them to get out of the street, not because I’m trying to display my hatred toward them, but because I am trying to prevent them from being killed! If my colleagues are standing too close to the cliff when we’re hiking, I might say, “Hey, that slope is real slippery. You might want to be careful.” If I don’t speak up to any of these situations, and one of them gets killed, I am partially responsible, because I could have helped them remain among the living!!

I will speak up, because I care enough about their well being to confront them. This confrontation doesn’t always have to be loud, abrupt or even mean, but it does have to be truthful. It does have to be authentic, and it does have to be spoken from a heart that is genuinely concerned and filled with love.

Does that mean I’ll never mess up in my confrontations? Does that mean I will never get passionate about my beliefs and debate why I am standing by those beliefs? No. As I stated earlier, I have several high priorities in my life, and I will defend these. I will hold true to those things I cherish but that still doesn’t mean I am filled with hate.

Let me put this on a more personal level…My sons are 10 and 14 years old, and there have been times when I have had to confront them for their actions that had brought harm or pain in some situation; yet, when I spoke to them, even if I was upset and passionate about what I had to say, I never once hated them! I confront, because I love them, and I want to help them get to a better place in life. Christ did this very thing on so many occasions. He always confronts those He loves, and I am called to be more like Him and so much less like me.

So, if you and I ever disagree on a subject, especially if we have forged a friendship before this given time, please know my speaking up is never out of dislike of you as a person. If I love you, I pray I will always have the courage to confront you, and my hope is you would care enough to do the same. 💗

Daily Prompt: Disagree

Tuesday’s Treats #13

Ray’s in the City

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Prailine Basket


Yes, I did start this post with a yummy looking dessert, and believe me when I say, “It tastes even MORE incredible than it looks!” Oh. My. Goodness! (If you’re attempting to diet, I’m giving you fair warning you may not want to continue this read. lol. 😂)

Ok, I’ll start at the beginning. My husband and I stayed at the Ritz Carlton one night last month, because he was asked to be the chaplain for the day at the State Capitol. What an incredible day! Ok, so, that’s for a whole different post…

Anyway, we arrived in Atlanta early; so, we could have an easy evening and go out for dinner. We walked from The Ritz to Ray’s in the City, and it was such a pleasant little trek. We checked out several restaurants via Trip Advisor (best app for restaurant ratings, by the way!), and we had a tough time narrowing it down. Ray’s looked cool and inviting; so, we decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did!!

key lime pie


They sat is in one of the only four booths in the place. The rest of the seating is tables and chairs and the bar area. We were really close to the bar, and I wasn’t sure how the noise level would be, as we were looking for a more romantic atmosphere, but it was totally fine. They had live music, right next to us, and the lady singing was amazing. She was really sensitive to the needs/desires of the crowd, interactive with those who wanted to be and left alone those who didn’t. She did a lot of Rolling Stones and 70s-type music, and she did it right. A group at the bar requested “Rollin’ On The River,” and she had the place rockin’, or Rollin’ rather; everyone was getting into it. She, also, had an assistant that could make his electric guitar “talk.” They were both great, and it was so enjoyable.

AMAZING Shrimp and Grits!!


Now, for the food…it was simply “Off The Chain!” We ordered a shrimp appetizer first (I’m sorry. I can’t remember the name!) I had shrimp and grits, my husband had swordfish, and you see the desserts we had: a praline basket and a slice of key lime pie (both made in house!) Oh. My. Word!! We were totally stuffed by the end of our meal, and we were thankful for that short little walk we had back to the hotel!

I’ve heard there’s a Ray’s on the River, as well, and we plan to visit that one some day soon, too. If you’re in downtown Atlanta, and looking for a great place to eat, my suggestion is Ray’s in the City! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! 😉

Here’s their website and more pics for your enjoyment….ps. Just looking at the website and realized they’ve got virtual tours of some of their locations. How cool!


this is a pic from The Ritz


Are You A True Friend?

A friend is someone with whom you enjoy spending time. You hang out doing things together or simply relaxing after a hard week. You laugh together, talk about good turns and great memories, and maybe even dream about the days to come.

A good friend is someone with you share your joys, your troubles and your fears. You cry on her shoulder and wipe her tears that flow with yours. You share the exciting news of good things. You tell of the concerns growing and the ones that have dissipated.

A best friend is one who is with you, and who wants to stay, in the darkest times. She draws from your strength when she is weak and encourages you when yours is failing. She believes in who you are, recognizes who you’ve been, and loves you for who you are becoming.

A true friend is one who does all that has been mentioned, and He is the one who has your back when someone comes against you. He speaks up for you when you’re not able. He goes into the fight with you, and his wounds are as deep as yours and sometimes more. He protects you when you can’t protect yourself.

God is the absolute best friend we could ever have. He is all of these things and more. Often, I struggle with the thought of being a “friend” of God, because I feel I fail Him in so many ways. I wonder how in the world can I live up to being a friend like He is to me, and then, my thoughts are turned toward my own friendships.

There are times when I might be stronger in a relationship than the other person; yet, there are other items, when I lean so heavily in my friend, I wonder how she’s still standing. At that moment, I realize, if this is true on my human relationships, how much more can it be true with a Holy and Perfect God?

He loves us so much, and He longs for a relationship with us. He doesn’t demand it to be perfect. He knows we are not capable of perfection. Yet, He takes us as we are. He loves us where we are, and challenges us to be more. He gives and blesses, refines and transforms, and enables us to be a friend to Him.

I am so humbled. I am so thankful that He draws me and asks me to be a friend even with all my imperfections, failings and need for change. It makes me love Him even more. 💗

Are you a true friend? Is He yours?

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, you’d know it was hot today, and tonight it’s still a bit warm outside; however, since my husband keeps the temps at 69-70 degrees in here, and I’m the cold-natured one, I’m wearing a sweater right now. Let’s move to the back deck where we can chat and listen to the birds chirp and the neighbor mowing his grass.

Would you like coffee, tea or hot chocolate? I have a little “coffee bar” here in the house; so, you can take your pick. Today, I think I’d prefer to have a little lemon and honey with a pinch of Cheyenne pepper, as I’m trying to kick this sinus junk I’ve had this week. Can I offer you cream and sugar with your coffee or tea, or would you like a little hot chocolate with marshmallows or peppermints?

Ok, let’s kick back in these lounge chairs on the deck. Aren’t the trees just stunning out here, and the birds are singing to us while the creek is babbling over the waterfall below. Ahh…this is one of my favorite spots in the world…


Yeah, this is REALLY in my backyard!

This is my first weekend share; so, please forgive me if I kind of blunder through it. I’ve been reading them for a few weeks, enjoying finding new blogs and contemplating if I would join. Considering I love coffee, love to read, and love a good conversation, I figured, “Why not?”

Ok, so enough chitter chatter about ‘nothing,’ now onto some interesting things going on this week. My husband, boys and I are trying to decide what to do for the summer. We really want to take a trip out West, but the cost, the time and the drive is making us pause and consider the pros and cons. We thought maybe we’d just buy a camper to make the drive a little easier. We’ve been looking throughout the week. There’s some good deals out there, but do we really want to “take the plunge,” spend that kind of money and try to figure out where to store that thing. We are still contemplating; however, yesterday, after coming in from looking, my husband received an email for an incredible offer to stay at a cabin on the lake in Highlands, NC, for the summer. If you’ve never been to Highlands, it is a town at 4,000 elevation; so, the temperatures in the summer are always like a cool Spring day! We’ve always wanted to stay there for a while. OH, decisions, decisions!

This week was pretty noneventful for me, I suppose. The boys had school. I ran errands and worked a little at the church most days, as well as, helped out at the school…just kind of the “same ol’ same ol’,” I guess…

Oh! I just remembered something. Let me pull out my phone and show you some pictures from Monday, which turned out to be kind of our “Saturday,” as we had things going on this past Friday and Saturday and couldn’t really get away. We went up to Lake Winfield Scott and onto Vogel State Park. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we had an awesome time! We ate in Dahlonega at Burbon Street Grill; they have some great fried pickles, burgers and shrimp and grits! We, then, hung out around the lakes a bit. Joey and JMan did a little fishing, ,while I sat near by and read my Kindle, and JGrizz went walking around. We did see a snake shimming across the water. Later, JGrizz and JMan played a little putt putt while Joey and I sat by the creek. We finished out the day with a stop by Betty’s Country Store in Helen. We always joke about how you can get a “cookie the size of your head” in there. They are huge! I always get the apple walnut muffin (with a dollup of icing on top) and a cup of coffee. The coffee really isn’t that good, but it cuts the sweetness of the muffin. Once the muffin is gone, you realize the coffee tastes more like tree bark than anything else! haha! Coffee and all, it was a great day.

Also, the boys had a very eventful evening yesterday. Our church is celebrating Pastor Appreciation Day next week; so, in honor of this, their respective pastors took them out yesterday and gave them “a night on the town.” JGrizz was picked up first by his youth pastor and some friends. He had no idea they were coming, and they showed up on the doorstep complete with “mustaches,” a big greeting card, balloons, cameras rolling and Lecrae blaring from the speakers in the Hummer. He was speechless, which is very unlike him! They took him to dinner, gave him a shopping spree and finished the night riding go-carts. He had a blast! To hear the “updates” of what he was saying throughout the evening and to see his smiles and enthusiastic retelling of the night just blessed my heart! He was still talking about it throughout the day today.

JMan was picked up shortly after this, and he knew a little of what was going on, because one of his little friends had let the secret out on Thursday (haha!); however, he was so excited to go shopping and to Skyzone (an indoor trampoline playground) and finish out the evening with dinner at one of his favorite Mexican restaurant. One of his little friends, who went with them, came home to spend the night with him. They were so wound up, they didn’t fall asleep until after midnight, but to see the smiles on their faces and to hear all their excitement over the night, it was all worth it!

Well, tell me all about your week now, please. I’d love to hear…

Well, it’s getting late, and I’ve got to go fix the boys something to eat; so, I guess, we’ll need to continue this coffee share next time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the coffee. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you, and I do hope you feel the same. I look forward to our get together this time next week. 🙂

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Answer to Friday’s Angle #62

Did you guess it yesterday??  
 If you guessed tile and grout, you got it!! It’s actually the time in a firepit, but that could be a little bonus! 😉
 I hope you enjoyed this week’s angle, and I hope you’ll join me all next week doe blog posts and again, Friday, for another New Angle! 😉

Friday’s New Angle #62

Hello there! It’s Friday, which means, it’s time for another New Angle! 😊

Remember, the answer will be posted here tomorrow at this same time. Have fun guessing! 😊