A Photographer’s Eye

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures! I am always taking pictures, no matter where I am or who I am with. Sometimes, I can even go a little overboard with my picture-taking, or so, my family would tell you! So, I do try to show some restraint on “people pics;” however, I do feel that while pictures can be deleted when they don’t measure up to the expectations of the ones being captured, that moment in time, if not captured on “film,” (albeit digital film these days!) may never be recaptured again! In this thought, I don’t take as many people pictures as I probably could, but you better believe I try to capture every event or scenery of which I find myself a part.

I am adding a few links onto this page in hopes you will enjoy…if you’ve followed my page for long, you may have seen these in a blog. I’m definitely not trying to be redundant, and I hope I’m creating this page correctly (a novice, I am!).  I am only trying to “organize” my blog a little better, and I hope it helps to find things more easily…I know it will be for me! …I hope you enjoy! 🙂


Along the Shoreline

Autumn in the Small Things

Framed Picture Perfect

If These Walls Could Talk

The Flurry of Autumn Leaves

Think Jeep, Blue Sky, Fresh Air



4 thoughts on “A Photographer’s Eye

    • Aww, thanks so much for reading and supporting! That means so much!! 💗I miss you, too! Wish the distance was closer, but these are moments when I am thankful for this cyberworld we have at our fingertips. At least, we can stay in touch over the miles. 😊💕


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