Answer to Friday’s Angle #2

Did you figure it out??
It’s the corner of a white clothes hamper!


IMG_9646(of course, this second one means it’s folding time again! Haha)

Friday’s New Angle #2

For those of you who missed my first Friday’s angle, you can check it out here and find the answer here. I hope you have fun with these! 😉
Can you guess what this is?


Wednesday’s Ode #3

For those of you who may have missed my post concerning this new weekly feature, this is the third “Wednesday’s Ode.” You can read more about it here. I hope you enjoy these! 😉

I may be a small town, Southern girl, but I LOVE the warm clothes that I get to wear in the fall, winter and early Spring! As soon as we get the drop in temperatures, I’m pulling out my boots, sweaters snd turtlenecks! I just love being all warm, cozy and bundled up!

IMG_9623 I look forward to the beautiful fall leaves in all their splendor of color and the breathtaking snow covered mountains. Even if it doesn’t snow much at our home, my husband and I are very prone to packing up the boys and heading north to get snowed in, or at least, to find some snow in which to play!

I may have lived my childhood along the beaches of north Florida, but I have grown to absolutely LOVE the mountains and cooler temperatures! I know, for all of you beach lovers out there, that probably comes as a shock. Please, don’t get me wrong. I still love the beach, and we get back home as often as we’re able; however, if I had to choose between warmer weather and bathing suits or cooler seasons and my warm clothes, I’d definitely choose the latter.

I just love my sweaters, boots, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, hats and gloves! It’s like walking outside fully clothed in a warm and cozy electric blanket, and I love the comfort in it. You can just layer up and walk around in the cold air, and if you’re layered with the right stuff, those frigid temperatures aren’t so frigid anymore…and that’s truth coming from a VERY cold natured gal! 😉

So, this is why I chose to tribute warm clothes today. I just love ’em! Matter of fact, I think I’ll go change out of these pjs and get some on right now! 😉
…hmmm, now which ones to choose…


You set the tone, Momma!

If you’re a momma or one day hope to be, I hope you will listen to what I have to give.
You can make or break that home in which you live.
You have the power to make it cheery or make it sad.
You have the power to make it good or make it bad.

You see, we women set the tone for how our families will respond.
We set the stage for this life to be and how each day will dawn.
If we rant and rave, tap our feet, cross our arms and glare, they see us.
They notice when we reach out a hand to comfort, pause for an embrace, or just give a little wink and a smile…and even if we allow our mouths to cuss.

Our children have to make choices, and yes, our husband is accountable for what they allow near.
But mark my word, how we act and react can make or break the atmosphere.
How we speak to those we love can wound or heal their hearts.
How we look at those whose lives we touch can be changed or broken apart.

So, be careful, Momma, what you say.
Choose your words with grace today.
Be careful, Momma, what you do.
Choose your actions by what you want to keep
Rather than by what you want to loose.

Answer to Friday’s Angle #1

IMG_9570For those who guessed a steering wheel…yes! It was steering wheel of my truck! 😉


Friday’s New Angle #1

Okay, so, I think maybe I’ll try another weekly event and see if you guys like it…
This one will strictly be pictures posted each week from a different angle. Maybe it’s part of a scenery, maybe it’s an inanimate object, maybe it’s just a little corner of my world, but it will all be from a “new” or different angle. You, the reader, will get to guess what the object is… I’ll post the answer on Saturday morning to give everyone enough time.
I hope this will be fun, and I hope you like my new angle! 😉

Can you guess what this is?


Watching Airplanes

IMG_9574 As I watch the plans fly over, I wonder who might be on it, where they might be from, where they are going, where they’ve been?

Is it a mother, a father, a friend?
Is it brother, sister, next of kin?
Are they going north, south, east or west?
Are they returning home or leaving less?

Is it their first time or last time?
Do they want to be there or is it more a crime?
Is it a business man just making his sum?
Is it a young soldier returning from the war for freedom?

I do wonder who they are and what is their stories. I wonder what kind of person they’ve become. What kind of person they long to be. All the airplanes going to and fro. So many people, so many lives never knowing this one girl watching them from below.


For the JOY set before Him…  

Blog-cross joy

Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him… The JOY it says… Do we actually enjoy suffering? Do we actually look forward to death? So many of us would like to say it’s true. So many of us would like to brag and boast of how brave we would be in the face of death, but we never truly know what will happen until we are actually faced with the same fate. We cannot speak honestly about that of which we know nothing. We cannot answer the question until we are faced with the test.

Often, I read books about those who have been martyred for their faith. The stories contained in those separate journals are heart wrenching, riveting and challenging. I always wonder what I actually would do in that moment. In that moment of choosing life or death, would I humbly accept my fate or would I fearfully deny Christ? Would I fight it with every breath of my being or would I lovingly embrace the cross by which I had been condemned?

…I’d like to think I would say with the martyred disciple Andrew, when he was being led to his death by crucifixion, “O Cross most welcome and long anticipated! I come to you with a willing mind, with joy and desire. Since I am a follower and a student of the One who died on you, I have always loved you and sought to embrace you.” Yet, it’s so simple and easy to believe in the good times the goodness of our own humanity, but it is in the hard places, in those death moments, when our faith is truly tested and revealed… I pray I might be found faithful. I pray I can remain till the end, and I can embrace pain and death as He did, knowing this temporary life is just that: temporary…There is a JOY set before us, joy that is abundant, overflowing and full of His glory!

*I do not own nor did I take this photograph. Found it through internet search. Backdrops Beautiful image.*

Wednesday’s Ode #2

img_5667For those of you who may have missed my post last Monday, this is the second of my weekly features: “Wednesday’s Ode.” You can read more about it here. I hope you enjoy these! 😉

I LOVE coffee! Love it! …did I say, “I love coffee?” Yeah? Okay, well I do! People who are close to me know my love for this flavorful beverage, and those who just met me, they usually find out pretty quickly. I like the taste; however, I do believe my love goes deeper than just the taste. I think my love stems from the comfort of it as well.


I am such a comfort creature! I love cozy corners to read and warm blankets and old worn out quilts that still hold memories. I love good books and warm fires. I love boots, sweaters, fleece filled hats and gloves and warm, fluffy lined slippers. I like the comforts of home and the security in routines. So, my love for coffee probably aligns itself more with my loves for the comforts which make me feel secure.

Yes, coffee is warm and inviting, like an old friend coming back from long winter travels. Coffee is soothing and comforting like a mother’s love or a father’s embrace. Coffee is just wonderful to have on hand at any hour or any day. I think I’d be sad if I could not have a cup or share one with a friend!

Coffee and cake, anyone?

Be YOU and Nobody Else!

As I sat in a room full of women that night, I looked around and saw those with whom I’ve been friends for years, those whom I’ve known for only a short while, and those whom I had just met this very night. All different, yet, very much the same. We’re all in this world, struggling to survive.

I had watched a comical video on Facebook earlier in the day about different mom-types, and how we tend to compete over whose parenting methods are better and whose are just terrible; yet, when it comes to a possible danger being threatened in the life of a child, we will all pitch in to save that one child, no matter whose it is nor what we feel toward that one mother. I guess, this, coupled with my own beliefs, is why I was prepared when the conversation at the table turned toward parenting styles and opinions on how a child should be raised.

It actually was a very good conversation, and, thankfully, at this table, everyone was gracious in their answers to one another, ever how differing they were… There was one mom who had been, and still is, a full time bank employee. There was one stay-at-home mom who plans to completely homeschool when her three children become of age, another who is at home, with her toddler, right now but plans to return to college soon. One was a full time mom of a teen and elementary age boys, one was a young grandmother who works full time, yet, keeps her grandkids as much as she can. Another was a missionary’s wife who hopes to return to the missions field soon with her three year old and baby on the way, and another was a retired grandma who gets to see her grandchildren often but maybe not as much as she’d like. The rest of the 25-member group was just as diverse as this list.

Each one of them had different pregnancy stories, nursing methods and lengths of time, sleeping procedures (to sleep with parents or not), schooling options and stay home or work full-time choices. We all are as different as the day is to night; yet, we all agreed that there’s not a right and wrong method to raise and nurture your children. Those who adhere to The Word of God for their lives, yes, there are some right and wrongs that we must chose; however, when it comes to the other “surface” issues, we each agreed, “You must find what works best for your family! … What works beautifully for my family may bring total havoc to yours! … Always be open to advice, but never place unnecessary expectations upon yourself to live up to someone else’s methods and standards for your family.”

This is so very true! Never allow someone else to dominate your parenting landscape. Never place another family high on a pedestal and believe if you can only follow their formula to a “T,” then, your family will turn out perfect overnight, and you’ll never have worries again. No, life just doesn’t happen that way. Life is life, and people are people. There is no “magic formula” which makes babies stop crying, children to stop fighting and teens to always choose the right answers. No, this is a journey, and we all must travel it. Each of us are very different, made individually unique by the Master of the Universe. He made us each as diverse as the stars that shine above us.

So, follow your dreams. Dream for your family. Seek His ways, gain wisdom from others and learn what works best for your family. Train up those babies, and let them spread their wings and fly. You can do this! You were called to be… YOU!! You are beautifully and wonderfully made!