Friday’s Angle #24

Another Friday means another New Angle! πŸ™‚

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Life’s Many Blessings

Do you ever think about how many times God blesses us in a day??

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as receiving a sweet phone call or a little card in the mail. 

Sometimes, it’s as precious as getting an extra hug from my teenage son before bedtime. 

Other times, it’s getting through the yellow light when I’m running late and really should have slowed down a little more. 

Other times, I realize I may have been running late; yet, there was also a wreck that might just have avoided. 

Maybe it’s the “surprise” answer to a very long ago prayer. 

Yet, what about those times we hold out for that answered prayer that, much later, we realize wasn’t answered for very good reasons? 

What about those aches and pains which teach us to rely on Him a little more?

What about those heartwrenching seasons that help us to understand another’s pain on life’s long journey?

What about those hard times which bring us to our knees and cause us to reach for more of Him and so much less of ourselves?

There are countless blessings just awaiting us in every new day. 

Let us never look only to the good for blessings, for the bad can simply be blessings in disguise. 

Wednesday’s Ode #25

          I love candles! I really do!   
I have actually tried to moderate this particular “love.” I’ve tried to restrict myself from buying so many, because I can just get overrun with the quantities. The candles do take a certain amount of time to burn completely, and I don’t really need a closet full. However, when I run into a deal, I am so stinkin’ weak! I’ve bought too many from time to time, and, often, I just have to turn them into gifts for others! Lol!  

I love scented candles and not so much the unscented kind. I think I love the autumn and winter/Christmas fragrances the most, and that’s probably because those are my most favorite seasons (and holidays) of the year. I do like some of the more “summer” smells, too…especially anything with a coconut smell!! Mmmm, makes me want to grab my towel, flips and shades and head for the surf! πŸ˜‰ 

I think I love candles, because they can simply set the mood and, even, change the mood. Candlelight softens the mood of any room, and we all know fragrances can mellow or uplift any mood. I find that when I’m feeling down, or maybe a bit melancholy, I can light a lemon or fruity scented candle, and in just a bit, I will be in a much better mood. Or maybe, the kids are being loud and a little crazy, I can go light a candle scented with vanilla or even balsam fir, and in just a little while, they’ve kind of settled down in a calmer atmosphere. 

So, there’s my “ode” for today. I love fragranced candles. Care to share a love of yours, or maybe your favorite candle scent?? πŸ™‚

Lessons Learned

Don’t you wish you could learn some things sooner than you actually do??Some things would have been easier to grasp when I was 20 than now when I’m over 40 and a little more set in my ways!  Some things would have come a little quicker had I started on the path of learning them when I was 25 rather than now when I’m almost twice that age. Oh, how I wish I had lived a little smarter, made choices a littler wiser, learned a earlier. It surely would have made things go a little smoother these days…

However, I came to a conclusion the other day, instead of living in the regrets of what I “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve,” 10, 15, even 20 years ago, I will now say to myself, “It is what it is, now, how am I going to make the BEST of it?!” 

Just as a pastor and I were talking the other day about some family lessons we each are learning, I came to that realization, because family lessons can be some of the toughest…you know those kind, don’t you? The kind with your mother, your father, your sister, your brother…The kind where you learn to speak up, shut up or even walk away from a dilemma that’s plagued you for years… You know, those real lessons that, sometimes, we don’t really want to acknowledge that we need to learn. 

Well, we were talking about this, and I said, “I just wish I could have learned this so long ago! It would have saved me so much grief and frustration!” His reply was, “how old are you?…(I told him)…try being over 60 and learning it!” We just laughed, because it’s so true! If you’re constantly seeking God, and what He has for you, you’re going to be learning and growing, no matter how old you are. 

I suppose, one of the most important things to remember is we’re never beyond learning!! We’re never too old to learn, to grow and even to change. There are lessons to be learned all around us everyday. It’s what we do with the lesson given to us that makes all the difference. 

Let the Fire Burn


Sometimes, you just have to let the fire burn…

When farmers are “cleaning up” the soil in their field, in order to plant more seed, they will often burn the tares, left from harvest, along with what is left in the field. When the forestry wants to control wildfires before summer sets in, many times, they will set a fire to burn off the underbrush. Even when a chef wants to purify and clean his cooking grill, often, he will set a heated flame higher in order to decontaminate his preparation surface.


Sometimes, you need to let the flames get hotter…

When a relationship has reached a heightened state of anger, and things can’t be resolved, you have to let the flames of anger burn and walk away for a bit. This doesn’t mean you keep throwing words and actions toward the other party; it means you let the embers burn for a bit while you step back from it. The fires will eventually die down when you stop fueling them; then, you’ll be able to see more clearly.   Sometimes, you just have to let the flame burn, or you will be harmed in the process as you work so hard to contain them within your grasp. 

Serving God needs the same process, except when you let the fire of God burn within you, it will have the opposite effect. The fire of God has a lasting effect. The fire of God is all consuming. When you let the fire of God consume you, you will find “the field” of your heart tilled for seeds to be planted, you will find “the forest” of your mind cleared of clutter and confusion, and you will find “the surface” of your soul purified and ready for what God has in store for your life. When you let the fire of God burn deep with your soul, you will find you have a cleansed vision, renewed mind and a changed heart. When you let the fire of God burn within, you will find a deeper desire for more. 

It will challenge you. 

It will transform you. 

It will consume you. 

Try it. 

Let it burn. 

Answer to Friday’s Angle #23

Were you able to figure out that golden ball yesterday??  

I may have made this one a little too easy…  

Yes! It was a doorknob! Hope you’ve had fun! 

See you next time! πŸ˜‰

Friday’s New Angle #23

Here’s another New Angle for another Friday! πŸ˜‰  

And no, not the reflection, just the gold object. πŸ˜‰

See you, again, tomorrow for the answer! 




We all have them. We all give them. Yet, sometimes, I think we have too many, and we assert them too quickly…let’s be real for a minute…I know I do, at times…and I’m working on that.

We can’t assume we know the person nor from whence they come lest the road alongside them we travel. This can, especially, happen in the blogging world, can’t it? Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about…

I was reading a blog entry on day, and this young woman had written about the man she was missing. “…can’t breathe. Can’t sleep….sad…he’s been gone two years…” The impression was, for me, she was missing him from death. I commented to her of prayers for her loss, praying she would find comfort and grace. Then, as I read other comments, and her response, I come to realize the guy just keeps coming back and leaving. Ok, so, that was a little annoying! (Just being honest here) At first, I felt bad for her, as she grieved; however, it seemed to, now, be a pattern which she was allowing. That isn’t true grief; that’s being used and making room for it. 
Another blog entry from someone else showed pictures of beauty, words of joy. It was inspiring, encouraging. After I sent a comment, the reply I received proved she was heartbroken and desperate.
We truly can never judge a book by its cover. We can never judge a life by its appearance and, sometimes, not even by their spoken words. There are so many hurting, dying people in this world, and they will simply paint a face of happiness to shield them from further pain. They will simply withdraw; so, no one realizes the depression…because, after all, the outside world never really understands that emotion much anyway. If you don’t believe me, just open the paper and read of the heartbreaking suicides where the friends state they had no clue the person was unstable, because they simply did their job and went home. 

We can only truly know a person’s heart when we walk hand in hand, when we gently ask and are allowed inside the gates of a guarded soul, when they allow us to see their vulnerability and their truth. Sometimes, this can come simply by asking. There are those who are just waiting for someone to show they care. There are others with whom it will take days, months or even years to crack the solid built encasing of their heart, because they have fortified it for years. 

We have to determine how much we truly care and how much time we are willing to give in each relationship. Sometimes, we are too busy to give the adequate care, and so, we simply assume a certain thing, and never try to understand. Other times, we don’t have the right tools to do the hard work of listening and learning, because, after all, that’s not our personality, not our gifting, or even, not our calling. Often, it may be that the other person doesn’t have the ability to give, because so much has been taken from them. The stories and scenarios are endless. It’s so hard to know. 

Yet, for those whom we truly love, for those with whom we find our worlds colliding, we must be able to give the time and attention to break down the expectations and put away the assumptions so that true friendships and deep relationships will last. We may not understand, but the longer we walk the road together, we can learn together. We begin to see “by and by.” 

Wednesday’s Ode #24

I love hats!! I love them in all kinds of styles and colors. I’ve always loved hats, and I have grown quite a little collection. I have hats designed for fancy meals and hats for the hot stadium seats at the ball field. I have hats for winter time, spring and summer. I’ve got hats that can get drenched in the rain and other that… well…not so much. Lol. 

One of the best things about hats is the ability to cover up a really bad hair day! You can have not wash your hair, or you’re just having one of those, “Can we just have a do-over, please?” kind of hair days, and a hat can make you feel so much better. No one has to know about that cow-lick that just won’t lay down, because you’re wearing a hat! 

Hats are so fun!! Some of the most fun ones I’ve seen, which I don’t currently own, are The Cat in the Hat and the court jester hats. These are quite fun to look at and to wear! (I’ve tried them on before πŸ˜‰) Some of my other favorites were worn by Audrey Hepburn. She wore them so gracefully and so beautifully! One of my all time faves was the big, black one she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  I do wish I could be that bold as to wear a few as she did…maybe one day. 

I have ball caps and toboggans, beanies and visors. I have bucket hats and cloches, newsboy styles and even a Gatsby. I’ve worn them all, and I love them all! Hats are great. Hats are fun. and hats are a part of me! πŸŽ©πŸ‘’   


I Hear You

Surrounded by rushing waves

I hear Your voice on the waters

The leaves rustle in the trees

I hear You calling in the wind

The woodpecker peck the trunk

I hear You knocking on my heart

The  scurrying through the brush

I hear Your rememberances of love

Enveloped by a swarm of lightening bugs

I hear your flashes of warning for dangers near

The song of cicadas among the branches

I hear your symphony of serenity

The children’s laughter in the sun

I hear Your delight for Your own

The twinkle of a father’s eye

I hear Your whisper of promises

You are my love

You are my promise

You are my child

You are forever Mine

Penned – MG – 7/6/15