Why her, Lord?

     Why her, Lord?


She had her whole life ahead of her

She had so much to give

     Why her, God?


We all ask why? now that she’s gone

But now it is too late. We cannot right the wrong.

My heart is broken. I feel as if she was one of my very own.

But remember, God only gives them to us on a loan.

He is in control. He is still reigning from His throne.

He may be calling you to recognize what you have sown.

We all wish she could come back and be with us to bond.

But time has passed, a new day has dawned.

     Why her, Lord?


Your purpose for her is so much more.

Your sovereignty has already been shown.

     Why her, God?



Penned – MG – 9/27/98…9/21/03


She Wonders

He walks down the path consumed by his thoughts;

   He walks right past her without a even a word.

      He goes about his business never looking in her eyes;

         With his desires satisfied, he walks away without even a goodbye.


…She wonders…


She watches him leave, wondering what she did wrong;

   She watches as he turns the corner, leaving her alone.

      She tries to understand his moody and mysterious news;

         With her mind abused, she stands there dazed and confused.


…She wonders…


Tomorrow they are laughing, walking arm in arm down the path.

   Not a thought of yesterday is mentioned or even alluded to.

      Still she wonders if it’s true. Still she wonders, watching his every move.

         He keeps traveling this sad journey, not concerned if she’s through.


…She wonders…


They go about their days, talking here and there.

   Today, they converse endlessly, tomorrow not even a sound.

      She continually wonders and dreams that someday they will be

         United in true love and through a holy matrimony.


…She wonders…

Penned – MG – 3/6/90


In Retrospect

Don’t you miss the days when you actually had to have singing to sell an album…when the music had to be live and in sync? Don’t you miss the day when you had to act, sing AND dance to obtain the role in a movie? Don’t you miss the days when you had to be a true patriot to become president…when the politicians had to love God, Family, and Country to succeed in office? Don’t you miss the days when the kids started their school days with The Pledge To Allegiance and ended the day with their bedtime prayers? Don’t you miss the days of fresh milk, fresh farm eggs, fruits and veggies…when it was easy to find less ingredients with better quality?

In all our striving to achieve and gain more, I think maybe we’ve lost something and gained less. Sure, I love the new technology, the new lights and the new transportation. I am blogging via internet right now, and we drive two new 2013 vehicles; so, I am definitely not anti-improvement nor anti-success! I just think, sometimes, in all our seeking the new, we tend to throw out some really good “old things” …like quality service and hardworking attitudes and homemade biscuits and farm grown produce and character, integrity and authenticity. Yeah, this list might not seem to “flow” right when looked at first glance, but stay with me a minute.

I didn’t grow up on a farm, and I wasn’t raised to make homemade biscuits, but when I’ve visited a well working farm, and I’ve eaten warm, homemade biscuits slathered with butter and a touch of honey, it sure reminds me of home. When I sit down to watch an old western or an old black and white Audrey Hepburn movie, it sure makes me think of goodness in the world. When I see an old veteran, tattered and worn from the memories of the war, it surely makes me appreciate him a little more, and it creates within me a grateful heart that my babies still live in a free country today. When I do hear the rare moment of an elementary-aged child reciting his Pledge of Allegiance with strength and dignity, my heart swells with pride, and I stand a little taller, knowing someone else still holds my heartland dear.

Yeah, maybe I am just old before my time, and maybe I just need to get to caught up with the “latest and greatest,” or maybe, just maybe, I’m onto some profound truth….think about it.



I go throughout my day, consumed in my own thoughts.

I walk right past your door, hoping to not get caught.

You say hello. I do not hear, just keep walking past.

You wonder what went wrong. It seems to happen all too fast.


You act so strange, speaking today, without a word tomorrow.

What am I to do, consume myself in sorrow?

I will not sit here from day to day and wait.

You have decided to come around a little too late.


I have a life to live. Yes, I’ve got to go on living.

I cannot sit here until you want to start your giving.

You refused to take a look, even glance over my way.

As I stayed there and patiently waited day after day.


So, I a leaving you today, walking out without a sound.

You wonder what has happened, why I’m not still around.

You just took a moment too long, and now I’ve wasted time.

You’ll wonder and you’ll wait, but another mountain I’ve gone to climb.


I go throughout my day, consumed in my own thoughts.

I walk right past your door, hoping to not get caught.

You say hello. I do not hear, just keep on walking through.

As you are wondering why, I now realize, I really do miss you.


Penned – MG – 3/28/90

Stay With God

20140910-113619-41779724.jpgNo matter what comes. No matter who leaves. He is still God, and He never fails! Stay with God.

For many, these statements can be so controversial. Many will dispute these words; they will say because we live in a fallen world that surely we must be ruled by a hostile God. Some will say this cannot be truth, because, after all, truth is relative: what is true for me may not, necessarily, be true for you. Still others will say this is heresy, because their chosen god is, after all, more mighty, more logical, or more spiritual than a “simple man who roamed this weary earth until his humiliated death.”

Oh, but you can only state fallacies when you do not know my King. You see, I talk to him every day. He walks with me through every moment of every hour. I see His love in a baby’s smile. I hear His joy in a child’s laughter. I smell of His gentleness in the summer breeze. I taste of His goodness in the fresh fruits of spring. His faithfulness reaches the very depths of me, even beyond my failures, my fears and my frailties. You see, He speaks to me in the quietness of my very soul.

He was there when I drew my first breath, and He was there when I took my first step. He watched over me when my mother ventured the wrong paths, and He comforted me when my father refused to come back. He protected me when I fell and cut a main artery, and He shielded me when my classmate was mean and called me names. He has always been there, regardless the circumstance or enemies I have faced.

He brought me life when I called on His name. He gave me hope when I was hopeless. He delivered me from trouble when I lost my way. He restored my joy when all I could see was darkness. He removed my confusion when I couldn’t understand. He opened my eyes when I just couldn’t see. He surrounded me with peace when all around me was turmoil. He filled me with rejoicing when my heart had only seen mourning. He has been my song when I couldn’t open my mouth to utter a sound.

He has done too much for me for you to try to convince this weary soul that He doesn’t exist now. Once you’ve ever seen a glimpse of paradise, it’s hard to be satisfied with normal life. It sets a longing within your being that cannot be quenched by all the riches and wealth of this ordinary world. When your goal is set on higher thoughts, when your dreams are of things beyond what this place can even imagine, it’s hard to envision a lesser place or a lesser Savior. You see, He is my everything. He is the very air I breathe.

Do I have the “perfect life”? Oh, I don’t know. I think that all depends on perspective. I’ve seen hard times, and I’ve seen good ones, too; yet, I just keep trusting Him. I don’t have everything that I want, but I surely have all that I need. He gives me His grace that is so sufficient, and that has made all the difference. Things have happened that I’ve not liked, but life is just life. We’re not home yet. I decided a long time ago that I’d just stay with God, no matter what came my way, and that has carried me through.

No matter what comes. No matter who leaves. He is still God, and He never fails. Stay with God.




The Will

     An empty daughter of depression, with a strong temper and a determined will, she traveled all her life in search of her true inheritance.  She had lost her mother as an infant, and her father at the age of seven.  Somehow, she fell through the cracks of the state system, and she grew up on the rough side of town, going from place to place, one gang to another just to survive.  She would steal for them, make distractions for them, and even turn tricks for them; anything they told her, she would do. This lifestyle made her tough, a rebel from the darker side of town; yet, she hated this life.  She knew there had to be more.  She wanted a purpose in her life, a reason to love, a reason to hate, a reason to live.

     She finally left her gang, at the age of seventeen, determined to find a better place and a new life for herself.  She remembered her father telling her stories of his past and of her mother. He had told her of a rich heritage, lots of wealth and success; however, each of them had been disowned, because they were determined to marry outside the families’ prestigious arrangements. The young girl thought, maybe, perhaps, a chance meeting would make the difference for her………


Penned – MG – began 1/15/90

Light Of The Son

The sun shines bright this morn, unlike it did yesterday

It burns with a brightness I have never seen

Its light shines through the clouds of darkness

Like the dawn interrupts the dream


This brightness is not coming from the fireball in the sky

This light could only manifest through You

You are the Almighty One, Life Everlasting

You came into my darkened heart and gave me life anew


This sea of unforgiveness was quickly drowning me

Turning me back and forth until I knew not which way to go

I went over to the left, returning to the right

Always trying to prove to all, the right of way I clearly know


I was entrapped too deep, in way over my head

Then You came and rescued me, showed me Your true way

You covered me, washed and made me whole

You showed me Your path and surely brightened my day


Now, I am a new creation, bathed in Your royal blood

Washed so white, purified, and made in Your righteousness

I praise Your Name on High. You are above all else

Awed by Your beauty and the light of Your Son


Penned – MG – 4/8/90

In Him

I used to sit here

                             On a rainy day

                                                      Just sit here and dream

                                                                                              In a weary way

Now the rain is gone

                             The clouds are done now too

                                                                               And when I look ahead

                                                                                                                      The only dream is You    

You have brought me life

                                           And through You I have grown

                                                                                               Please don’t ever leave me

                                                                                                                                       Because then I’d be all alone


Penned – MG – 11/87

Don’t Wait Too Long

The time, it goes by so slow

You have nothing to do

The time, it goes by so fast

You have way too many dues

It is time to make up your mind

Are you going to take the fall?

It is time to make a decision

Are you going to answer the call?


The time, it’s running thin

You have to decide

The time, it’s almost gone

You have to draw the line

It’s time to stand up tall

Are you going to be strong?

It’s time to fight the fight

Are you going to do right or wrong?


There will come a day

You will have to face the fact

The time, it is no more

You will have to realize that

This time, He has closed the door.


Penned – MG – 3/8/89

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk, what would they say? Would they groan over the hardships they’ve seen? Would they sway under the weight of change? Would they laugh at old antics and past traditions? Would they smile at the new lives and refurbished dreams?


Would they share a solid faith? Or would they cry over faltered testimonies? Would they weep from years of lost souls? Would they impart wisdom beyond measure or reprimand our crooked ways?


If these walls could talk, what would the tell us? Can you hear them? Are you listening? I think I hear a whisper on the wind…