Be Grateful Always

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I thought I would reshare this post… Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all! 🙂

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All over social media this month, you can find daily posts of things for which to be thankful, what people are being thankful for, and, of course, the daily “thankful status” updates. I have noted these over the past several years, and even taken part in quite a few from time to time; however, this year, I thought maybe I’d take a little different approach by writing my “Grateful List” here on this blog (a 31-numbered list to represent every day of the month, plus a bonus), many of them including what I will call an “emphasis question,” to further prove the point, and maybe also share why I have a philosophy to be “grateful always”…

Even as you read, if you and I simply disagree on our likes and dislikes, I do encourage you to at least skip to the end and read a little more…you might find we don’t disagree as sharply…

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We all have them.

We all set them.

Sometimes, they’re set too high,

And we grow frustrated and angry, sorrowful and discouraged.

Sometimes, they’re set too low,

And we act shocked, amazed, elated and even indignant.


We all receive them.

We all survive through them.

Sometimes, they make us feel warm, welcomed and embraced.

Sometimes, they leave us weary, battered and confused.


Maybe, if we could learn the difference between grace and judgment,

They would be easier to give.

Maybe, if we realized the perfect balance is found in love and absolute truth,

They could be easier to live.

Penned – MG – 11/24/14

Train Them Up

The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. As we strive daily to teach our children strong values and Godly principles, I often wonder how we’re doing. Dealing with the ever shifting cultural standards, the pressures from the outside that scream, “You’re too old fashion!” “You’re intolerant!” “You’re behind the times,” I am tempted, almost daily, to question my motives, intentions and purpose for setting these “rules,” these boundaries, these standards by which we live. Having a young teen in our home, one who is striving to find himself, to determine his own faith, ‘not that of mom and dad,’ and to become the man he so longs to be, it causes me, at times, to pause, to ponder, to almost take a poll to see if I’m doing right by him, if I’m teaching him these things for his own good or for mine.
Good parenting doesn’t come easy. Good parenting isn’t a popularity contest. It isn’t a survey we take to see who approves and who doesn’t. Good parenting takes faithfulness to the One who created it. It takes a lot of love, mercy and grace. Good parenting takes tenacity to carry on, to uphold your standards and to stick to your convictions, even when you’re all alone and “nobody else is doing it!”
The best kind of parent has the faith to remain a boundary while all others run away in fear of ridicule. The best kind of parent stands with courage in the face of rejection and loneliness. The best kind of parent has also learned when to say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong,” even when it hurts their pride to do so. The best kind of parent loves beyond the failings, keeps believing beyond the mishaps and keeps cheering beyond the cold winds of adversity. The best kind of parent knows when to push forward and when to pause and let them breathe. Lastly, the best kind of parent keeps loving when the door to their child’s heart has been slammed shut, and it appears he/she will never come back home.
Good parenting skills don’t come easy. It’s not a game in which you roll the dice and see if you hit the jackpot. No, good parenting takes faith. It takes determination. It takes a strong heart to love deep and remain true. It takes a strong mind to think the unthinkable, to plan for the unpredictable and to dream the unimaginable. It takes humility, love and grace for success to come, and, sometimes, that success may not be realized for almost a lifetime.
In this one thing you can rest assured, His Word does not fail. His promises are true. You train that child to follow Him, they will know the way home. Yes, it will have to be their choosing; He will never force their hand. He will never demand their love, but He will be ever present, ever drawing them with His love that is unconditional, His love that never fails.
So, keep the faith, Mom. Hold up that standard, Dad. Remain true to the One who called you to this purpose. You can do this! You can survive! Those little hearts are counting on you. They need your love. They need your guidance. They need your boundaries that protect them from the evil outside. They need your standards that protect them from themselves. Keep the faith! You only have a few years to fight this battle for the souls of the next generation. Don’t give up. Don’t give in, and never let them see you cower in fear. You were made for this. This is your destiny. Win!

…These are the moments when my heart is reassured that we are on the right path…


His dream is to be a Christian Rapper…so, we work hard to help him realize his dreams even while he is still young…


At bedtime, we find him like this more often than not… (He’s fallen asleep reading his Action Bible.)



At a summer youth camp, I looked up and saw him immersed in worship…


On top of the mountain, he said, “Mom, take this picture. I want to post it to [social media] and talk about pondering things of life and faith…”


I told them I’d like to get a picture of them with the mountains behind…
(Note: I didn’t ask them to “huddle up,” but they did.)

…Parents, be encouraged today. Sometimes, it’s the little things that we fail to notice, and sometimes, those are the very things that matter the most! 🙂

I Will Celebrate Your Last

Had I known today was the day

I would have held you longer and sighed

I would have spoken a little sweeter

I would have noticed your last goodbye


Had I realized these were the final hours

I would have lingered just a longer while

I would have put off the other till tomorrow

I would have acknowledged your last smile


Had I only recognized this was the end

I would have laughed more

I would have loved deeper

I would have cherished to the core


So, today is the day I will celebrate

Today is the day I will not lie

Today is the day I will remember

I will not let another moment slip by


I will live a little deeper

I will love a little stronger

I will hold a little tighter

I will linger a little longer


I will laugh more, love more, cherish more

I will dream more, share more, hope more

No one knows the hour of the coming thunder

No one knows the moment they will be put asunder


I will celebrate your last step

I will celebrate your last hug

I will celebrate your last tooth

I will celebrate you with truth


I will celebrate your last call

I will celebrate your last visit

I will celebrate your last post

I will celebrate you the most


I will celebrate your last child

I will celebrate your last smile

I will celebrate your last love

I will celebrate your life above


I will celebrate your last dream

I will celebrate your last hope

I will celebrate your last desire

I will celebrate you and finally cope


My heart will rejoice

My mind will cherish

My body will mourn

My soul will not perish


You are now home with My Father

For this, His Son did devote

To dance, to celebrate, to rejoice

For had I just known, I could have taken note.


penned 11/16/12 – MG

Written on the day a very special person said goodbye to this life…

I didn’t know you very long, Derek Tabor; yet, your impact on my life will be for eternity.

Looking forward to seeing you again one day on the other side…


Your Trademark

Love this. Just had to reshare. 🙂

Think Positive, Be Positive

What’s your trademark?

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I Cannot See Your Face

When I awake in the night, I feel Your presence near.

When I am all alone, I sense You are by my side.

I cannot see your face, for Your glory is too much to bear;

Yet, I know the Truth, for in You, I long to abide.


When my heart is consumed with grief, I feel Your arms surround.

When my soul cannot answer, I sense Your presence within.

I cannot see Your face, for Your glory is too much to bear;

Yet, I am convinced, for by Your grace, I will contend.


When I walk where none has traced, I feel Your Spirit guide.

When I am confronted by evil, I sense Your strength to stand.

I cannot see Your face, for Your glory is too much to bear;

Yet, I do believe, for only through You, the demons I command.


When my mind is declaring defeat, I feel Your hand overcome.

When my strength threatens to falter, I sense Your power swell.

I cannot see Your face, for Your glory is too much to bear;

Yet, I can trust, for with You, the lost You will compel.


Penned – MG – 4/25/01

Help Me To See

I look in the mirror and see my own face.

I tend to neglect the needy to embrace.

I listen intently to hear my own voice.

I seem to ignore the hurting that need to rejoice.


I go my own way, busy in my own life,

Forgetting You’ve called me to be a good wife.

I run from here to there, scurrying to get the job done,

Neglecting You’ve told me to raise my young son.


I read in Your Word to always put Jesus first,

Believing that I do until I realize my own thirst.

I hear from Your servants, “Never make idols to love,”

Believing that I don’t until I recognize what they’ve become.


Change me and my perspective. Make me what You desire.

Draw me out and cleanse me from this filthy mire.

Transform this mind into the intellect You have planned.

Make this heart as malleable as the shifting sand.


I need Your touch; I need Your grace.

I long to feel your sweet embrace.

I long to walk beside You, hand in hand.

I thirst for Your righteousness and Your promise land.


Be my strength and my ever-present Light.

Be my focus and be my heart’s delight.

Be my reason to face each new day.

Be my guide and show me every step of Your way.


Help me to see those around me in need.

Open my ears to hear those who want to be freed,

Cause my hands to reach out to those in sin.

Give me the boldness to tell them how to change from what they’ve been.


Penned – MG – 6/29/02

Plug Me In

An earlier blog I came across today. I thought maybe it could be helpful as we approach the holiday break, and so many would be turning to electronics to pass the time. 🙂

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This day in age, we all have to have plug-ins and cords and iPhones and iPads and Samsung and Galaxy…. They’ve all got chargers , and they all take time to charge. I walked down the stairs after a wedding yesterday and almost tripped over a guy, because he was sprawled out on the stairs watching a video while his phone charged.
I watch as a family sits in a restaurant, never speaking to one another, all tuned into the little hand-held device grasped between their tiny fingers. I read status updates daily where husbands and wives, parents and kids are joking about how they are sitting in the same room while typing to one another via Facebook or texting via iMessage. We are a “plugged in” kind of world, but I often wonder how “plugged in” we actually are. We no longer want to talk on the phone, go…

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There’s not a lot I have to say about this picture….it just makes me wonder

Do you ever feel like an alien in a foreign land?

Reside in this land as an alien, and I will be with you, and will bless you;

for to you and to your descendants I will give all these lands,

and I will fulfill the oath that I swore to your father Abraham.” 

Genesis 26:3

The Day of Promise


I sat in the back, ever the silent observer. I watch. I speculate. I admire. I reminisce. They stand at the front facing one another. The stress of the day is falling off as they interlock fingers and get lost in one another’s eyes.

Tomorrow is what they’ve longed for all their life. They think. They plan. They rejoice. They dream. They reach for that sacred ring. The weight of the promise spreading wide and becoming light as they remember the One Who keeps their hearts true.

She walks the aisle for all to see. She blinks. She smiles. He stares. He desires. They gaze and wonder for the days to come. The realization of hopes coming true and revealing the love forever sealed.

Embraced with Hope.
Sealed with Love.

This Day of Promise.