Virtual Blog Tour Award Nomination


Hello there!

I was nominated last week for this award, and I am just simply honored and humbled to receive it. Thanks to Wanderlust for thinking of me and nominating my blog. This is not a normal nomination post, for it asks questions which are about the writer and not so much the blogger – you’ll see as you keep reading. The other difference in this nomination than the others in which I’ve participated is I must nominate only up to 4 other blogs…this may be a most difficult decision, especially since decision making isn’t always my fortitude! LOL. I follow so many wonderful blogs; so, I will weigh my nominations on those bloggers who have also shown great support since the beginning of my blog just 4 1/2 short months ago. I may also nominate those who are a little more “in the background,” and maybe as new as I am to this blogging life, and about whom I would love to learn more. 🙂

Here are the rules:

1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.

2. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

  • What am I working on at the moment?
  • How does my work differ to others in my genre?
  • Why do I write/create what I do?
  • How does my writings/creative process work?

3. Compose a one-time post which is posted on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

Four bloggers whom I nominate:  

If you accept this nomination, please respond by posting your own on Monday, December 15th!

1.  Family, peace, travel & fiction

2.  joyofnine9

3.  From My Plan To His

4.  sappyasatree


Q & A Moment:

1. What am I working on at the moment?

This question almost strikes me as comical, because “working on it,” so many times, feels like the “motto” of my LIFE. My brain’s first response to this question is, “What am I not working on?” I’m always working on something…Presently, I am working on being a better mom-a little more patient and kind, a loving wife-a little more giving and forgiving, a caring pastor’s wife-a little more prayerful and aware, a devoted friend-a little more thoughtful and gracious, and a faithful seeker of Truth-a little more grateful and focused. I am an incredible perfectionist and, often, I am too critical of myself; so, I constantly feel I fall so short of who I need to be or whom I believe I should be. I am learning more and more how to accurately assess my strengths and weaknesses; so, I guess you could say, I’m working on that, too! (another smiley insert here)

I’m sure the originator of this question probably meant this as a blogging question; so, to fulfill that interest, I’d have to say that my “projects” consist of poetry, thoughts of the day, and notes of inspiration, meaning, I have several things going, and it really just depends on which area I am drawn to on that particular day that will determine what I write about. I just try to “keep it real,” and let the events, thoughts, challenges or the adventures of life which I am facing, guide where my blog ends up on a given day. Being relatively new to the blogging world, my main focus right now is to blog consistently and to stick to the goals I set here, and then, in mid January, to reassess and set some new goals to “work on.” 😉

2. How does my work differ to others in my genre?

My genre…I was a little stumped by this question, I suppose. After looking up types of blogs and finding this, I’m not sure mine is a particular genre, or maybe, it’s too general to be specified into a one, or maybe, I’m just too new to this that I don’t know how to properly evaluate. I suppose I can answer this more accurately by stating, first, what it is not…

My genre is not fitness, diets nor health driven. It’s not photography, poetry or fiction specific, and it’s not particularly theology-, politically-, nor sociologically-driven; even though, you may find a post here or there alighting on any of these given subjects from time to time. It’s not about fashion or trends, travels or foods. It’s not even about the weather, history or the ever changing culture, although, I may mention one of these here and there. I suppose some could call my genre instructional, informational, self-profile, inspirational and even maybe a rant every now and then, but I guess, because I just share about my life, the thoughts are rather random at times; however, I do just share my heart…If I could make up my own name for it, I suppose, I might call my genre: “LIFE and all it entails;” you might call it self-help, or even self-assessing.

I suppose my work differs from some, in that, I have a solid foundation of hope, joy and love. Daily, I struggle to keep a stable thought life, speech, modes of action and perspectives, and believe me, that’s not always easy while being a perfectionist-type, yet also, a more laidback mother of two very lively boys, each with a strong personality and mind. (…Did I mention their daddy is a very strong personality/leader type, too? haha.) This foundation of mine doesn’t come from my circumstances, nor does it come from dogmatic arguments of relativism or culturalism. This foundation also doesn’t come from seeking out all the loudest and most popular voices of our times. This foundation comes from within, from the One who has been my Hope, my Joy and my Love and who has stood the test of time: Jesus. Without Him, I would be lost. I would have no hope. I would not know how to find joy, and I definitely would not be able to love beyond a shallow concept of those “sweet-bubbly-feel-good heart palpitations” that come when life is easy and every things is grand. No, this foundation carries me through the good times and the bad, the sunshine and the rain. So, I guess, you could say, my work differs from many others in my genre due to the Source from which it comes.

I don’t consider my work to be any better or any worse than those around me. I simply consider it to have some value, because I believe He gives me the inspiration for it, and I believe that there is a hope to be shared with those who venture across my little corner of the blogging world. I hope my simple words will, somehow, breathe the hope which I have found into the lives of the readers who stop by here and cause them to hunger for a little more.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I simply love to write, and I love to give encouragement or simply try to help someone along this journey called life. I keep a journal almost daily (well, honestly, a little less than daily now, since, I find myself blogging my journal entries these days), and I try to write at least 3-5 encouragement notes weekly, sending many of them out anonymously or at least from a given group name rather than my own.

I suppose you could say, writing is a release for me. I’ve kept journals, written poetry and been a letter writer since I was very young. I’ve always loved to read, write and edit things. One of my grandmothers was an English teacher for most of her life, and I tend to wonder if it might just be “in my genes.” I love to take snapshots of my life’s adventures and share them with those around me and post my musings and ponderings of the day. (yes, I am definitely a social media kind of girl! ha) I’ve never really considered myself a “writer,” per se, just simply someone who loves to write, but my husband calls me that all the time. I have dreams of writing a book one day, but I often question my ability and wonder if someone would actually want to read it…that would be another one of those “works in progress” in my life, and I will perfect it…someday. 🙂

4. How does my writing/creative process work?

Sometimes, my writing/creative process comes from the scenery around me. Sometimes, it will “bubble up” from a scenario or circumstance in which I find myself. Sometimes, it will come from something I’ve read, a note of brilliance or heartfelt confession coming from the mouths of my children or a simply new found discovery or thought.

I am always using my “notes” app in my phone to pen my thoughts, and I’ve even been known to send myself an email of my latest ponderings or inspirations. I just try to capture the thoughts when they come, for if I do not, they will often “fly away” never to be grasped again. Often, I blame that on my age and having kids, but I suppose the old vantage of A.E. Housman is still true: ““The thoughts of others were light and fleeting, of lovers’ meeting or luck or fame. Mine were of trouble, and mine were steady; so I was ready when trouble came.”

Well, there it is. That’s a little more about me, my creative side, and why I do what I do. I hope I gave enough on my answers (I know, maybe too much detail!), and I want to thank Hagen, again, for thinking enough of my blog to give me this Virtual Blog Tour Award. Sharing specifics about myself to so many, especially whom I don’t know personally, always stretches me a little more out of my comfort zone, and for that, I am grateful. It helps me to grow, learn and develop more skills daily. It helps me to live, breathe and be more than I am today. It helps me to live life to the fullest!

Thank you to all those who take time to drop by here and walk along this journey with me. It is an incredible, wonderful, comforting and exciting adventure! 🙂


*I could not find an image for the Virtual Blog Award; so, I just “borrowed” this one from google here. I do not own nor did I create this image.

Liebster Award Nomination

INTRO AND THANKS                                                                   

This week I received two nominations for the Liebster Award from these bloggers:

Thank you so much!! I am incredibly honored to accept this award!

The Liebster Award has German origins. The word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend. It aims to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Bloggers award other bloggers.


It aims to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Bloggers award other bloggers. Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster award:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.


To start, I give you 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I am a “Southern girl” to the bone, but I have many friends who are “Northerners.”
  2. I may be from the South, but my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter.
  3. Last note about my Southern roots…I hate to be cold, but I absolutely love wearing boots, sweaters and hats.
  4. I am very cold natured…I am usually comfortable in long sleeved shirts when it’s 77 degrees outside
  5. I hate tomatoes, but I love anything made with tomatoes (ie. spaghetti sauce).
  6. I am outnumbered in my house: 1 female vs. 3 males.
  7. I once jumped off a 20 ft. cliff into the Etowah River (Tennessee).
  8. I love flavored coffees, hot teas and desserts.
  9. I have a CD titled, “City of Gold,” which I love listening to, because it talks about what heaven might be like.
  10. I love to hike to waterfalls and mountaintops and drive through little mountain towns.
  11. My husband is my very best friend, and we try to go on a date each week…this is how we keep TRUE LOVE alive!

MY ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS FROM THE BLOGGERS WHO NOMINATED ME (X2…You don’t have to read all of these if you’re pressed for time.)

IN RESPONSE…  to my nomination from The Crafty Lady In Combat Boots (Check out her page for more great reading!)

  1. What is your biggest dream in life?  Make it to heaven
  2. Are you planning to make it happen and how?  Yes…by loving my God and my “neighbor”
  3. If you could live in any other country except the one you are from, what would it be?  New Zealand
  4. If you became a millionaire, what would be the first thing you bought/invest in?  A ranch home with land
  5. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life this far?  I really try to forget those…fell UP the stairs at college, spilling my books DOWN the stairs
  6. What is your favorite sport (to do, not to watch)?  Hiking…is that considered a sport?
  7. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard/read of?  sex trafficking…that a person could actually be comfortable with doing this to another human being
  8. What is the biggest reason why you decided to accept this challenge?  It looked like fun
  9. What would be your dream job?  I have it now…wife and SAH (stay at home) Mom to my kids
  10. What is the scariest thing that has ever occurred to you?  that people could become so desensitized to the value of life that they’re ok with killing the “insignificant” and using the innocent
  11. What would you do if you found a brand new iPhone 6 on the street that someone has lost?  Look around for owner, see if store near by where they may have bought it, return to an Apple store so they could possibly look up owner.

IN RESPONSE…  to Write Out of the Darkness (Check out her page for more great reading!)

  1. How are you, really?  I’m doing really great!
  2. What is your favorite part about today so far?  Hugging my sons and kissing my husband
  3. What is your favorite joke?  Knock-Knock…Who’s there?…Jamaican…Jamaican Who?…Jamaican me CRAZY!
  4. What is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?  Made my husband think I had disappeared in the woods at a summer camp
  5. What do you think is one of the most undervalued professions right now and why?   genuine teachers and authentic preachers…because they invest so much into the lives of people who can choose to not listen and throw away any wisdom they might give
  6. How do you feel about public speaking?  scares me to death, but I’ve done it many times
  7. What is the first thing you notice about people?  their eyes and their smile
  8. When you open someone’s blog for the first time, what makes you keep reading?  their About page
  9. What is your blogging pet peeve? (And you better not say awards…. just kidding. If it is, you can say it.)  tonight, it would have to be setting up links…because apparently, I am a novice, and I don’t know the easy way to do this! ugh.
  10. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?  There are actually several…Esther, JRR Tolkien and Ronald Reagan
  11. What accomplishment are you most proud of?  Having  two boys who are passionate about their faith…I can’t really take credit on this. It’s more of a “God thing.”


The rules are to select 11 nominees; however, I am going to nominate 7. This really goes against my “rule-following nature,” but in order to allow for more blogging time tonight, I’m going to follow suit of those who nominated me. 🙂

If selected, you are, of course, free to reject my nomination. You have no obligation to accept the Liebster Award. No worries if you don’t. You are also free to pick new questions or choose questions from all the questions I answered. After all, this will be your blog not mine. You get to decide what goes on it, who is linked to it and how you spend your time on it. Thanks for playing!

My nominees are:

And my questions are:

  1. If money were no object, and you could not fail, what would you do?
  2. What is your favorite part about today so far?
  3. If you could live in any part of the world, where would it be?
  4. What is your greatest fear?
  5. What do you hope people remember about you when you die?
  6. What is your favorite song, and why?
  7. What is the first thing you notice about people?
  8. When you open someone’s blog for the first time, what makes you keep reading?
  9. Read any good books lately? Please share the title and author.
  10. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
  11. What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

If you have been nominated and agree to accept, here are the rules again, because, this is a REALLY long post, and your memory might have gotten “lost in the shuffle” by now:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers. (Let them know by commenting on their About page though!  🙂 )
  • Answer the questions I gave you and ask your nominees questions of your own.

Whew! I have completed the task. This was a lot of fun; however, it would have been quite a bit easier had I figured out that “linking thing” before tonight! haha!

I look forward to reading your answers seeing who you choose!