To Set You Free

“Standing up for what is right is a key to freedom…A chain of bondage is placed upon a person link by link each time she turns away from the Truth or refuses to voice what is right.” – Jesus Freaks

You speak lies as if they were rays of light.

You spew anger and deceit like rain.

Untruths pour out of your lips like rivers flowing to find higher ground.

Yet, you never see the chains that have wrapped around you link by link.
You stand proclaiming your stories.

Believing this will bring you fame and glory.

You hold onto your belief that slander will bring you the power you seek.

Yet, you never realize the pit in which you have thrown yourself is destined only for disaster.
You cannot see the chains that bind you.

You cannot see the miry pit in which you tread.

Your release lies within the Truth.

Your liberty is bound within your fight for rightness.

Your freedom is enslaved to the veracity of your words.
There is Hope for this prison in which you dwell.

There is a Promise for these chains that hold you still.

Just turn toward Him to see your redemption.

Let His Truth wash over you and make you clean.
Penned – 7/27/16 – MG

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36


The Chains

I pass you on the street and gasp at what I see

I ask if I can help, but you tell me to let you be

My heart is grieved by what you have become

You hiss at the wisdom, saying you just wanna have some fun

In your own thoughts, you think we’ve all lost our way

You say that you hear; yet, you are deaf to all we say

Focused only on your own, you ignore His beckoning call

Pride goes out before you, guaranteed to let you fall

My prayer is for your return and not for your demise

I pray this path of destruction, you quickly will despise

You continue to walk on by, stating everything is fine

Oblivious to the fact, their mission is you to bind

You keep laughing and attempting to be bold

You cannot see that they are tightening their hold

You keep trying to dance and ignoring the pain

Yet, you open your eyes to finally see all the chains