Three Things Thursday – Thankfulness

Found this cute little linkup at Ms. Emily’s Home for Full Grown Nerds; so, I thought I’d join and share.

Three things I’m thankful for right now…

My Pumpkin Spiced Latte candle is making my office smell yummy!

The cup of coffee I had this morning is about worn off by now, but it was so delicious!

I came into my office today to find the crockpot that I had forgotten and left over the weekend was completely cleaned and dried for me! (I’m writing this blog on Monday, not Thursday. 😉 How very sweet! … It was full of a breakfast – egg, sausage, cheese – casserole, too! Double sweetness!!

These are just little things, but they make my heart very thankful. ❤

Wednesday’s Ode #25

          I love candles! I really do!   
I have actually tried to moderate this particular “love.” I’ve tried to restrict myself from buying so many, because I can just get overrun with the quantities. The candles do take a certain amount of time to burn completely, and I don’t really need a closet full. However, when I run into a deal, I am so stinkin’ weak! I’ve bought too many from time to time, and, often, I just have to turn them into gifts for others! Lol!  

I love scented candles and not so much the unscented kind. I think I love the autumn and winter/Christmas fragrances the most, and that’s probably because those are my most favorite seasons (and holidays) of the year. I do like some of the more “summer” smells, too…especially anything with a coconut smell!! Mmmm, makes me want to grab my towel, flips and shades and head for the surf! 😉 

I think I love candles, because they can simply set the mood and, even, change the mood. Candlelight softens the mood of any room, and we all know fragrances can mellow or uplift any mood. I find that when I’m feeling down, or maybe a bit melancholy, I can light a lemon or fruity scented candle, and in just a bit, I will be in a much better mood. Or maybe, the kids are being loud and a little crazy, I can go light a candle scented with vanilla or even balsam fir, and in just a little while, they’ve kind of settled down in a calmer atmosphere. 

So, there’s my “ode” for today. I love fragranced candles. Care to share a love of yours, or maybe your favorite candle scent?? 🙂

Answer to Friday’s Angle #14

Did you guess yesterday’s new angle? How’d you do??   

It’s a 3 wick, green candle! 😉 Hope you are enjoying these! See you next week!


The candle


The candle burns bright into the darkened room.

It chases away the shadows, bringing comfort to the tiny heart.

The candle burns long to shine a path across the plain.

It leads the way home, weary travelers returning from unknown parts.

The candle flickers as it’s battered by the wind.

It resolves to stay lit in spite of the threat.

The candle flickers on as the enemy tears at your soul.

It stands firm within your heart, preaching a sermon, casting the net.

Trim the wick.

Pour the oil.

Fan the flame.

Don’t let the trials lessen your foundation, silencing your claim.

Light the fire.

Shield with truth.

Block the gale.

Don’t give the enemy a foothold, causing you to fail.