Friday Fun Day

Somedays, you just need to put in your fuzzy lounge pants and fuzzy socks, grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea), cover up with a warm quilt, and curl up with a good book or a classic movie…especially, when it’s cold and rainy outside!

Can you feel a Friday Fun Day comin’ on?

Let’s go! 😊

Comfy Cozy

Comfort zones are so… well, comfortable. They’re nice and cozy. They’re places of no discomfort, no pain, no adjustment, no change. They are places where it’s easy to do what you do, and you have no fear of failure, intimidation or rejection. Comfort zones are where you can set your course “steady as she goes” and not worry about a thing.

Comfort zones can also become the place of stagnation and mediocrity. If you remain in your comfort zone long enough, you’ll never grow, you’ll never be challenged, you’ll never have to face the fact that you could be wrong in your methods, your words or even your mindset and how you approach life. When you choose to stay here for decades upon decades, you can even begin to regress.

The huge oak trees never become massive shelters in the forest without the acorn moving beyond the comfort of the warm soil. The flower never becomes a beautiful rose or a lovely tulip that comforts at the graveside without the moving and sprouting beyond the tiny seed that once was. A child never develops a skill that can affect the world until he goes through the needed the process of learning, development, and training that causes him to step beyond where he began the process. Growth simply doesn’t happen without change.

Even so, you and I never become mighty men and women of strength, character and grace without those uncomfortable moments that draw us out from the shadows and force us to adjust to the new, the uncomfortable, and yes, the changes that come.

If we constantly refuse to adjust, we will constantly stunt our growth. If we constantly stunt our growth, then we may remain in that comfort zone, but we will have nothing to show for it at the end of our days. Once something (or someone) grows comfortable, unyielding, unmovable, and stagnant, what purpose and what value does it really hold at the end of life?

How comfy are you??

Love Me Challenge #20


I wrote a post a long time ago about what I love to wear…



I am one of those “odd people” who would rather wear boots than anything else. I pull out my boots at the very first sign of cooler weather, and I am probably one of the very last who put them away for the season. So, here in Georgia, I wear them about 6-7 months out of the year, depending on how the weather works out that year. haha!

I love all kinds of boots, but this is one of my favorite pairs, because my love gave them to me as a birthday present. They were the first pair of real cowboy boots I’ve ever owned (or as an adult, at least)…



Wednesday’s Ode #31

  I love socks! I love short socks, soft socks, knee-high socks, just about any kind! I even wear socks every night when going to bed, because they keep my feet warm. 😊

Wearing socks keeps your feet soft. Wearing socks keep your feet from stinking in your shoes, too! Lol. 😂Wearing socks just makes your feet, or at least my feet, feel cozy and comfortable. 

(Here’s some of my “warm, cozy” socks…and yes, you can barely see my two red baskets at the top of the pic that hold ALL my socks! 😉)

One thing that’s kind of funny, however, about my love for socks, is I don’t really go crazy over designs and colors. I’ve got a few different designs, but for the most part, most of my socks are simply black, brown, cream or white. In fact, I have so many black socks (those I wear mostly with boots and tennis shoes) that I counted 19 pairs one time!! 😜 Crazy, huh?

I guess it’s a good thing I love socks so much, because I love boots, too, and boot season is just about to be upon us here in North Georgia! Now, I can wear my socks and my boots!! …but boots will have to be on another Ode. 😉

What’s something you just love?? 

Wednesday’s Ode #14

I absolutely love the North Georgia mountains! There are so many things to see and enjoy there! My husband and I love to take “road trip dates” and drive through the small mountain towns, stopping to peruse through an Antique shop or two, or taking a refreshing hike to see a waterfall, or even finding an old gravel State Forest road and attempting to get lost in the Cohutta Wilderness Area. We’ve had so many memorable trips and adventures. A few of our favorite drives and “pit stops” are the Richard B. Russell Parkway, Popcorn Overlook, Minnehaha Falls, Highway 197 and the Mark of the Potter, and Highway 60 between Dahlonega and Blue Ridge. 


We love all the little towns of North Georgia like Dahlonega, Clarkesville, Hiawassee, Ellijay, Young Harris, Clayton and Helen. We try to go apple pickin’ in Ellijay in September (just not on the Apple Festival weekends, because we’d like to avoid the crowds!) and pumpkin searching at some of the local farms later in the fall. (We don’t usually go to the more commercialized ones, because it’s just too busy. 😉 )

We love the Mark of the Potter on Highway 197, which is an old grist mill that still has water running through the basement. It is now a potter shop, and I can absolutely spend hours in there…and it’s not a really big shop! Our boys love to go there, because the river runs behind the mill, and they provide a fish feeder for a $.25 handful of feed. The trout are huge! My husband loves to go there, as well, to peruse through the shop, but he loves most to stand on the back deck and look at the waterfall and Soquee River. It is simply a “must see” when you’re in the area. We, also, love to go to the little town of Dahlonega. The downtown square is something to experience. There is an old General Store that still serves 5-cent cup of coffee and has a pianola, or a player piano, which you can sit in the rocking chairs and listen to for another $.25. There are little shops all around the square where you can purchase homemade fudge, chocolates, ice cream, woodworking, potter, artwork and more. There are restaurants all around the square as well. It is a delightful little town. They have many festivals and events throughout the year; so, if you want to join in the fun, or you’d rather avoid the traffic, like us, you’ll want to check the calendar.

 In Young Harris, Georgia, one of our very favorites restaurants is located. It is called Brothers (at Willow Ranch), and it could be best described as a locally owned Longhorns Steakhouse. Oh, my goodness! It is soooo good! Of course, they have steak, chicken, beef brisket, burgers, and they also have pasta, fish and all kinds of veggies and desserts. Every meal is served with yummy yeast rolls and honey butter, or regular, if that’s what you prefer, and they have the best sweet tea (aside from my house, as my boys say!) Have I made you hungry yet?? Another great thing about this restaurant is as you enter and leave, the mountains surround you to one side; so, the view is spectacular! Also, if you’d like a little resort living, the Brasstown Valley Resort is located right across the highway, and that place is awesome, especially at Christmas time!

Another little town we love is Ellijay. This town has special meaning for Joey and I, because for two and a half years of our dating, we lived two states apart and would meet in Ellijay every Saturday just to spend the day together. It was about an hour’s drive for both of us, and we would meet just as soon as I got off work on Saturday mornings, and we’d stay till we had to say our very last goodbyes on Saturday evenings before I would be late for my curfew! There are so many antique shops, restaurants and, now, retail shops in the area, it is a great “day trip for two.” As I mentioned before, they have the Apple Festival in the fall, and along the way to Ellijay, there are a few places to find pumpkins, too. If you’d like to take a nice hike, or simply drive to see a beautiful waterfall, Amicalola Falls is not too far from the downtown, and if you need a Walmart, Longhorns or a few other more “modern” conveniences, they’ve got that, too. We absolutely love Ellijay!

 The North Georgia Mountains are a great place to come for a vacation, a short visit, or just a day trip to get away. It definitely won’t be the place you’ll find big citylights and the hustle-and-bustle of that city life, but if you’d prefer to kick back and breathe a little fresh air, this is the place to be!

Wednesday’s Ode #3

For those of you who may have missed my post concerning this new weekly feature, this is the third “Wednesday’s Ode.” You can read more about it here. I hope you enjoy these! 😉

I may be a small town, Southern girl, but I LOVE the warm clothes that I get to wear in the fall, winter and early Spring! As soon as we get the drop in temperatures, I’m pulling out my boots, sweaters snd turtlenecks! I just love being all warm, cozy and bundled up!

IMG_9623 I look forward to the beautiful fall leaves in all their splendor of color and the breathtaking snow covered mountains. Even if it doesn’t snow much at our home, my husband and I are very prone to packing up the boys and heading north to get snowed in, or at least, to find some snow in which to play!

I may have lived my childhood along the beaches of north Florida, but I have grown to absolutely LOVE the mountains and cooler temperatures! I know, for all of you beach lovers out there, that probably comes as a shock. Please, don’t get me wrong. I still love the beach, and we get back home as often as we’re able; however, if I had to choose between warmer weather and bathing suits or cooler seasons and my warm clothes, I’d definitely choose the latter.

I just love my sweaters, boots, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, hats and gloves! It’s like walking outside fully clothed in a warm and cozy electric blanket, and I love the comfort in it. You can just layer up and walk around in the cold air, and if you’re layered with the right stuff, those frigid temperatures aren’t so frigid anymore…and that’s truth coming from a VERY cold natured gal! 😉

So, this is why I chose to tribute warm clothes today. I just love ’em! Matter of fact, I think I’ll go change out of these pjs and get some on right now! 😉
…hmmm, now which ones to choose…


Wednesday’s Ode #2

img_5667For those of you who may have missed my post last Monday, this is the second of my weekly features: “Wednesday’s Ode.” You can read more about it here. I hope you enjoy these! 😉

I LOVE coffee! Love it! …did I say, “I love coffee?” Yeah? Okay, well I do! People who are close to me know my love for this flavorful beverage, and those who just met me, they usually find out pretty quickly. I like the taste; however, I do believe my love goes deeper than just the taste. I think my love stems from the comfort of it as well.


I am such a comfort creature! I love cozy corners to read and warm blankets and old worn out quilts that still hold memories. I love good books and warm fires. I love boots, sweaters, fleece filled hats and gloves and warm, fluffy lined slippers. I like the comforts of home and the security in routines. So, my love for coffee probably aligns itself more with my loves for the comforts which make me feel secure.

Yes, coffee is warm and inviting, like an old friend coming back from long winter travels. Coffee is soothing and comforting like a mother’s love or a father’s embrace. Coffee is just wonderful to have on hand at any hour or any day. I think I’d be sad if I could not have a cup or share one with a friend!

Coffee and cake, anyone?