Merry Merry Christmas!!

  Merry Christmas to you and yours! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!

I am so thankful for Christ’s birth which makes this holiday possible, and what is the most important part of this holiday season! He loves you, and that’s why He left His Kingship and came as a babe to save you and me. If you don’t know Him, I hope you will believe. He’s the best thing ever to happen to me!! ❤️

…If Christmas isn’t when you and your family celebrate, and you are awaiting another holiday this time of year, we hope you have a wonderful celebration when those days arrive! 

…It doesn’t always matter if we celebrate the same, it only matters that you cherish the time you have with those whom you love! 

We hope your season is Merry and bright! Merry, Merry Christmas!! 😊

Wednesday’s Ode #43

I love the month of December! The days are (usually) cooler. The nights are definitely chilly, and everyone seems to be a little more cheerful as the lights begin to shine and the carolers begin their song. There’s more shopping days and more sales, more goodies to be baked and more trees to be trimmed. I just love December!

Of course, I love the month of December most, because it means Christmas is here! Christmas is my most favorite holiday of the year, and YES, I still love to say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” If you are offended by that phrase, I do ask you to reconsider. I will say, “I am sorry you are offended;” however, I will never apologize for stating the phrase. It is a phrase I hold very dear; I love it, and I believe in it. I do not ask anyone else to stop saying, “Happy Kwanzaa,” or “Happy Hanukkah;” so, it amazes me why those same people who work hard to create those as important wishes want me to stop my cheerful greeting. I will not, but I digress. That is not what this post is about!

I love Christmas time, and I love this time of year. December seems to cause us to reminisce of days gone by and deepen the yearning of our hearts for family, faith and home. December seems to bring a cheery smile to those you encounter and causes those down trodden to lift a weary head when those cheerful smiles come their way. December seems to bring old friends together and lost souls home. It is a time to reflect, ponder and gaze in wonder.

Most of all, for me, personally, it is a time to remember the wonderful birth of my Savior, my God. He was a king in Glory, and He gave it all to come to Earth to live among us, to live, to die and to be risen again. He did all this for you and for me, and it all started this time of year.

So, I say to you, Merry Christmas! It’s going to be a wonderful month of celebration here at our house!! 🙂