Think Again…

The verdict is still out.

The count is not quite in.

The final has not been penned.

Yet, all the news coming in, they are thinking again.


The award is having second thoughts


The answer has not been given.

The decision has not been made.

The conclusion, they don’t know when.

Yet, all the reports rolling in, they are thinking again.


The opinion is having second thoughts…


Maybe, just maybe…

Just when you think you know the outcome.

Just when you think you know what and then

You might need to think again…


Penned – MG – 11/8/16


DAILY PROMPT: Second Thoughts

Bridges Across Pain

Bridges are a curious thing.

They can lead you toward a promise, away from trouble and across a vast number of pitfalls and mine fields. A bridge can take you to an enemy’s camp, a friend’s home or a stranger’s land. They can lead you high or lead you low, depending upon the terrain that lies below. Bridges are a curious thing, because they can take you far away from a fear; yet, they can also become the source of fear if you are afraid of what lies underneath.

Regardless of where you allow a bridge to take you, you will never get there if you stay only on one side. In order for that bridge to help you get to where you’re going, you must cross it. You must take the first step toward that destiny. It is a decision that can change your life. It is a choice only you can choose.

bridge pic2

There are many bridges, within my own life,  which have led me closer to my purpose and my calling: bridges of friendship, bridges of “blood, sweat and tears,” and bridges of the unknown. Every bridge that I have chosen to cross has taught me something and has helped me to grow.

The ones which have taught me the most are the ones that helped me walk above pain in my life. There have been friendships which bridged the gap between moments of loneliness and utter joy. There have been bridges of solitude which bridged the gap between insanity and complete peace. There have been bridges of faith beyond which the future was unknown, but I had to keep walking to receive the healing, strength and joy on the other side. There have also been moments of clear of decision which bridged the gap between regret-filled failure and wonderful heart-felt success. These are the bridges that have propelled me toward a greater destiny. These are the pillars upon which I stand. Had I not crossed over, I would have been left weak, broken and desolate.

When faced with the choice to cross a new “bridge,” the best thing to assist in the decision is to read the road signs prior to it. If are were no signs, find someone who’s gone that way before, and listen to what they’ve learned., and many times, the path to the bridge can give a great indication as to where it is headed. However, there are some times when it’s just going to take a lot of prayer and a whole lot of faith to know this is the right direction to take.

bridge pic

Have you had to cross any bridges lately? What have you learned in the process?bridge pic3


*Note: I did take these pics, nor do I own or possess them. Simple Google images search brought them.

Choices We Make

Just like in the game of chess, you have no control over what others will do, but you can decide what you will do. 

This is not a popular way of thinking in today’s society. Too many want to blame someone else for their problems, or they simply want to justify their poor choices. Fact of the matter is, aside from tragedy, you are never a victim of your circumstance. You have a choice. You make decisions. Even when it is a matter of “running out of time” to meet a deadline, you have made a choice to let the clock run out, by setting your priorities in a certain order, which have made room for your needs or for your desires. 

Everyone has been given 24 hours in each day; each day has exactly 1440 minutes. The CEO of a corporation has no more, no less than you and me. We have no more, no less than the homeless person in downtown, urban America. We each have a choice how we will spend each and every day. Life doesn’t just run you over by accident. You make a choice everyday to either run life or let it run you. It is surely a rough place when life is running you. When this happens, it is not because you just “happen” to become a victim. You have chosen to become a victim, and you have chosen to let life run you over. 

You may want to argue with me, but it is a fact. You have exactly what you have chosen to have in live, because you have what you value. If you value education, you have an education. If you value sports, you have a sports-centered life. If you value wealth, you have wealth. If you value family, you have a family. The list can go on and on. You have exactly what you value in life. 

Yes, I understand, you can’t control others, and others can mess up your choices. That’s where tragedy is involved, as in a tragic car wreck which debilitates you; a spouse who decides to cheat and leave you, which changes your family dynamics; a child who dies unexpectedly, which drastically alters your course in life. I get it, and I’m definitely not trying to sound callous and hard hearted. I have had tragedies in my own life which have changed some of my original plans. I’m also not addressing tragedy in this post; however, I will say, there are too many success stories, even in the face of tragedy, to dwell on the possibility that you cannot arise from disaster, but I digress, that is a post for another day. 

Simply put, if you don’t feel as if you can choose the things you want in life, I’d have to ask you, “Where have you placed your values?” If we can ever get real honest with ourselves on the answer to this simple question, we are able to assess exactly why we are where we are in life. When we can take the huge spotlight of Truth, and shine it on every decision we have made, we can truly evaluate the why’s of our situation in life. 

This is a very difficult process for so many people, especially when the culture screams to us, “Everything bad in life must be someone else’s fault. It can’t possibly be because I have made bad choices for myself!” It’s a tense place to be when we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and realize we have royally messed up, and it may take a while, and a lot of hard work, to get back to where we want to be. However, if we can ever get to this point, we will realize that success, and all our dreams, are really possible! We might just have to rearrange our priorities, and apply a little more effort, to make them happen; however, it is possible!

So, make a decision today. Don’t let life just run over you, and never choose to be a victim! Be a winner!! You can do it!! 😉

I’ll Grow Old with You

In light of this being our anniversary week, I hope you will forgive me for not posting something yesterday, and I hope you might indulge me today as I repost something I blogged a little while back for my sweetheart (as you will see by the “info” given). We celebrate 19 years this week, and I am more in love today than I’ve ever been! 😉 


We sat in the empty house, the boys away for the evening. He sat at the computer playing chess. I sat in a chair opposite him, reading on my Kindle. He said, “Ya know, this is what old people do. This (silence) is what it sounds like to get old. … What are we gonna do when little bit goes off to college?” I said to him, “Cry…..Cry a lot.”
This started me thinking…

We’ve been together for over 22 years now…8,079 days of my life.

We’ve been married for 18 1/2 of those…over half of my lifetime.

We’ve lived in 2 states and, together, visited 10.

We’ve worked at 5 churches and gone to 2 colleges.

We have 2 sons, numerous “spiritual kids” and no daughters or grandkids.

We are both Southern born and bred, in 2 (technically 3) different states,

and we’re both very proud of it!

I love you more today than that first day I met you,

and even more than the day I said, “I do.”

Yet, I love you less today than I will love you tomorrow or even this time next year.

In a world where the rings come off too quickly, and the marriage vows become negotiable, I have decided our love is here to stay, and even if you wanted, you couldn’t get rid of me without a fight.

This love we have was birthed in wonder and refined in distance and time. All those years we said, “hello” each day, but only held hands once a week, deepened our commitments rather than making them shallow. This love we share has stood the test of time, and even though, I know that test will be retaken again and again during this lifetime, I believe we will remain true. For I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me. We belong to the One who holds this thing together. He is the only One who will see us through.

So, I gladly look to tomorrow and cherish our yesterdays. I hold onto the present and love like it’s only the beginning. I treasure our times together and laugh at our silly mishaps. I glance over your failings and pray you’ll do the same as we reach together, hand over hand, to move beyond what could destroy and stretch our hearts toward the One who would restructure what could have been lost.

Love is not a feeling. It cannot be bought or borrowed or even stolen. Love is a choice that we each choose to uphold and to protect. Love is a choice that we can choose to embrace when we look past our own selfish ways and desires. Love must be cultivated, cherished and cared for. Love must be allowed to bloom.

Blooms do not happen instantaneously. Growth does not happen overnight. Love takes years of tenacity in trials, forgiveness of flaws, blindness to annoyances, perseverance with the little things that really matter. Love doesn’t fail when it is the love from the One who created love. Love lasts forever when it is the love of the Father.

So, today, I say, ‘YES.’

Yes, I will choose to love. Yes, I will choose to forgive.

Yes, I will choose to laugh. Yes, I will choose to cherish.

Yes, I will choose to live. Yes, I will choose to treasure.

Yes, I will choose embrace. Yes, I will choose to uphold.

Yes, I will choose to cultivate, nurture and protect this love.

Yes, I will choose you for life, for love, for laughter.

…Yes… I’ll grow old with you.


Goal Setting: Blogging 201

Okay, so I’m starting a little late this week on Blogging 201, but I suppose it’s “better late than never!”  🙂

The questions presented are, “Why Do I Blog?” and “What Goals Do I Have for this Blog?”  I suppose the summation of this answer can be found here. I began this blog, because, for years now, I have kept personal journals of random thoughts, endless “stories” about my days, and countless hopes and dreams about the future, as well as, separate journals of poems I have written over the years, and I felt it was maybe time to share these musings with others. I have endured some pain through the years, and I have enjoyed many days of laughter, too. I have learned many lessons through the sorrows and the joy, and I hope to be an inspiration to someone who searches for truth, an encouragement to someone who doubts and maybe even a ray of hope to someone who has lost all hope. … Do I have all the answers? Not by any stretch, but I do know I have found a Truth in whom I can believe, an everlasting Hope of which I can rest assured, and a Solid Rock upon which I can stand. I know that I have learned so much in my short years of living, and I’m still seeking for more…wisdom and moments of true life. I know I have a man with whom I am madly in love (as he is with me); we have two very lively boys with whom, on a daily basis, we cherish incredible adventures, and, regardless of the circumstances that may arise, we try to live in a place of contentment and peace. So, I blog in hopes of sharing these things which I have found to be anchors in my life, and I blog just for the “fun” of sharing with others a little bit about my findings in this adventure called life.

So, in stating all of this, I need to set some goals for this blog in order to reach beyond where I am today. I have heard it said, “A man with a goal is like a ship without a rudder.” (1) and  “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” (2) These quotes are so true, and they are so easily “preached” to others; yet, when I began this blog, I was hesitant to state my goals for fear they would be seen as too lofty or to lowly by others. So, when I saw this as the first assignment of the Blogging 201, honestly, I hesitated to continue. Then, I rebuked my own laziness and decided this was a really good assignment for me, and so, here I am!

3 Goals to Accomplish by January 31, 2015:

1. Consistently post on my blog at least twice weekly.

2. Gain 100 followers by January 31, 2015.

3. Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work, from now until January 31, 2015.

Whew! That’s done. Now, it’s official! I’ve set 3 goals. Now, I must be persistent in reaching them…I feel like giving myself a high-five. Ha ha.

   Ps. While we’re on the thought of goal setting…..Why is setting goals so difficult??
                    I believe it’s because of 3 things (at least from my vantage point):
                   1. We’re too lazy to actually think and put action behind the thoughts.
                   2. We doubt our own ability to achieve the goal(s).
                   3. It’s not a priority in our life; so, we push it off with excuses, blames and justifications.
 So, today, I choose to be different. I choose to make a choice. I choose to set a goal and achieve it! 🙂
The contents marked by footnotes contain quotes or pictures by authors other than myself, as noted:
(1) – Thomas Carlyle

(2) – Fitzhugh Dodson



Stay With God

20140910-113619-41779724.jpgNo matter what comes. No matter who leaves. He is still God, and He never fails! Stay with God.

For many, these statements can be so controversial. Many will dispute these words; they will say because we live in a fallen world that surely we must be ruled by a hostile God. Some will say this cannot be truth, because, after all, truth is relative: what is true for me may not, necessarily, be true for you. Still others will say this is heresy, because their chosen god is, after all, more mighty, more logical, or more spiritual than a “simple man who roamed this weary earth until his humiliated death.”

Oh, but you can only state fallacies when you do not know my King. You see, I talk to him every day. He walks with me through every moment of every hour. I see His love in a baby’s smile. I hear His joy in a child’s laughter. I smell of His gentleness in the summer breeze. I taste of His goodness in the fresh fruits of spring. His faithfulness reaches the very depths of me, even beyond my failures, my fears and my frailties. You see, He speaks to me in the quietness of my very soul.

He was there when I drew my first breath, and He was there when I took my first step. He watched over me when my mother ventured the wrong paths, and He comforted me when my father refused to come back. He protected me when I fell and cut a main artery, and He shielded me when my classmate was mean and called me names. He has always been there, regardless the circumstance or enemies I have faced.

He brought me life when I called on His name. He gave me hope when I was hopeless. He delivered me from trouble when I lost my way. He restored my joy when all I could see was darkness. He removed my confusion when I couldn’t understand. He opened my eyes when I just couldn’t see. He surrounded me with peace when all around me was turmoil. He filled me with rejoicing when my heart had only seen mourning. He has been my song when I couldn’t open my mouth to utter a sound.

He has done too much for me for you to try to convince this weary soul that He doesn’t exist now. Once you’ve ever seen a glimpse of paradise, it’s hard to be satisfied with normal life. It sets a longing within your being that cannot be quenched by all the riches and wealth of this ordinary world. When your goal is set on higher thoughts, when your dreams are of things beyond what this place can even imagine, it’s hard to envision a lesser place or a lesser Savior. You see, He is my everything. He is the very air I breathe.

Do I have the “perfect life”? Oh, I don’t know. I think that all depends on perspective. I’ve seen hard times, and I’ve seen good ones, too; yet, I just keep trusting Him. I don’t have everything that I want, but I surely have all that I need. He gives me His grace that is so sufficient, and that has made all the difference. Things have happened that I’ve not liked, but life is just life. We’re not home yet. I decided a long time ago that I’d just stay with God, no matter what came my way, and that has carried me through.

No matter what comes. No matter who leaves. He is still God, and He never fails. Stay with God.




Don’t Wait Too Long

The time, it goes by so slow

You have nothing to do

The time, it goes by so fast

You have way too many dues

It is time to make up your mind

Are you going to take the fall?

It is time to make a decision

Are you going to answer the call?


The time, it’s running thin

You have to decide

The time, it’s almost gone

You have to draw the line

It’s time to stand up tall

Are you going to be strong?

It’s time to fight the fight

Are you going to do right or wrong?


There will come a day

You will have to face the fact

The time, it is no more

You will have to realize that

This time, He has closed the door.


Penned – MG – 3/8/89