With or Without Hope

Originally posted on APRIL 27, 2015. I thought it fitting for today’s daily prompt…

My heart was heavy today, thinking of all the brokenness in this world.
The weight of it resting upon my shoulders like a wet, woolen blanket.
Tears filled my eyes as I pondered the wounded, the shattered, and the lost.
Heaviness so intense, I could hardly breathe.
Air stagnant with heartache, weariness and emptiness.
So many wandering in this place. So many without a face.

I drove by this house sitting beside the road.
Abandoned, dark, damaged and alone.
People driving by, hurrying to destinations, never stopping to see, never caring to know.
Shoved off to the side, barricade built, weeds and trees rummaging to find a home.
Broken down roof, shattered windows, busted doors, all haunted by lost potential.

The broken lives of those lost are a lot like this old house.
They take the abuse, receive the ridicule, accept the blame, wondering all the while if anyone cares as they wander aimlessly in the dark.
Others are like those who moved this old house.
Hard working, simply pragmatic, fighting to succeed at the task.
More are like the ones who vandalized it.
Kicking, biting, clawing, shattering the dreams of a once well made life.

Can you see them? Can you see yourself? Who are you? Where are you going?
Do you feel that all is lost? Do you wonder if there could still be any life inside?
I am here to tell you. I am here to help you see.
If there is still breath in your being, there is still hope.
If there still a beating of your heart, there is still a chance.
For your life is never so lost that He cannot see you.
You are never so far gone that He cannot hear.

See that foundation?
He placed it there in your heart before you were even born.
It is that longing you feel to find something of worth, something to adore.
It is that deep inner desire to be more than you are today.
He placed it there.
It is His drawing of your heart to bring you love, hope and life beyond your dreams.

He can rebuild a life broken.
He can mend dreams that have been shattered.
He can give hope to the hopeless.
He can bring life to the lifeless.
All can be renewed if you will just let Him in.
Let Him see the abandonment, the pain, the desperation.
He can change and transform.

All you must do is believe.

Daily Prompt: HOPE

Who will Cry For The Children?

 Sorry for the delay in posting today!)…Thinking of the news headlines lately, I thought I’d repost a piece I wrote many years ago…


Who will cry for the children?

They cry out in anguish                                  
They cry out in pain

Who will cry for the children?

They play in the streets
They fall in the rain

Who will fight for the children?

They fight for their freedom
They fight for their life

 Who will fight for the children?

They run into fears
They run into strife

Who will pray for the children?

They pray for the answers
They pray for the love

Who will pray for the children?

They seek out the Light
They seek out the Truth above

Will you be the one to reach them?

Will you be the one to pray for them?

Will you be the one to fight, to cry, to bleed?


penned 1/26/04 – MG

In the Image of You


Staring at the reflection in the glass, I wonder what is to become of me.

A wretched, lost and weary soul is all that I can possibly see.

Oh, how desperately I desire to be made brand new.

How could I have ever been formed in the image of You?

You are so majestic, so serene and so Mighty.

I am so lost without You and can take things too lightly.

You are so faithful, so patient and so kind.

I am so self-consumed, thinking only of my time.

Looking into the glass so darkly, all I can see is muck and mire.

A moment of peace in a life half-spent is all I can possibly desire.

Oh, how desperately I need to be rescued.

How could I have ever been formed in the image of You?

You are so divine, so magnificent and so eternal.

I am so lost without you and can make things too comfortable.

You are so loving, so merciful and so just.

I am so unfaithful, thinking only of my lust.

Gazing at the shattered glass, all I can see is fragments and pieces.

A ray of hope in a broken heart is all I can possibly seize.

Oh, how desperately I long for You to be all that’s true.

How could I have been formed in the image of You?

You are so amazing, so incredible and so awesome.

I am so lost without You and can make things, oh, so dumb.

You are so forgiving, so compassionate and so Sovereign.

I am now so blood-washed, thinking only of my pardon.

Penned – MG – 10/21/02