Tuesday’s Treats #92

The Swan Coach House

Location: Buckhead, Ga

Ok, so I have to be completely honest. I’m not what many would call a “girly girl.” I’ve always leaned toward the more rugged, tomboy type, or maybe just down right practical. I am much more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, boots and a ball cap while packing a pistol than I am dressing in frills and thrills, painting my nails and accomplishing the latest trendy shopping list.

It’s not that I have anything against all that stuff or any angst against “girly girls,” and it’s not like I can’t hang with the best of them. I’m a pretty good “adapter” when the occasion calls for it, and I have a huge variety of personality types in those who are close to me. In fact, two of my very best friends in the whole world are exactly that, girly girls, and they won’t be ashamed to say it. So, you shouldn’t fault me, or even shame me, for not being a “girly girl,” ok? It just hasn’t been my thing. Ever. In my whole life. In. My. Whole. Entire. Life. I’ve simply accepted that fact about myself and, despite being looked at as being weird sometimes, I’ve just learned to become comfortable in my own skin.

I went on that little diatribe to describe to you just how much I might not have been necessarily giddy the day I was to meet some of the most amazing women I know at this well known restaurant in Buckhead. I had never heard of it before, but the website was definitely full of “sugar and spice and everything nice,” metaphorically speaking.

So, I dressed appropriately, in a cute little black and white, trendy apparel, planned to arrive a little early, and just enjoy the people I was joining for lunch. I can say, from the moment the valet took the keys to my truck, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Everything gushes with Southern Belle charm, and it is absolutely beautiful. We were escorted up the elevators and directed to Sally’s Porch, which is completely “described to a T” on their website:

Sally’s Porch is a radiant glass-enclosed front porch where sunlight filters and flows in through full-height glass windows. Furnished with four antique round tables and green curtains, this is an excellent choice for daytime soirees.

…I’m not even sure I knew what a soirée was before that day. I’m just kidding, but it was quite stunning with the sweet roses on the tables, the charming decor and the beautiful floor to ceiling windows with the warm sunbeams shining through.

The meal was tasty with their famous timbales of chicken salad, a frozen fruit salad and Swan House cheese straws, complete with a beautiful flower center. It was finished with a yummy slice of key lime pie. Everything was done to perfection and great care was taken in every presentation. A nice little gift shop is located downstairs where there is a plethora of specialties from which to choose, including a cool gallery of local art, pottery and such. After our lunch meeting, we went to tour the old Swan House Mansion and learned of its beautiful history and character, too. It was very intriguing, to say the least. (Oh, and Hunger Games fans, there’s even a sweet surprise for you inside.😉)

Treat yourself to a day of purely feminine, Southern Belle charm, this is the place to go. If you’re looking for a fun girls day lunch or dinner, this is your place. If you’re looking for a great place to make your daughter feel like a true princess on your Daddy-Daughter date, this is a wonderful choice.

…You get the picture. 😉 I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, and I think you’ll find this to be true, as I was reminded that day, it’s a beautiful thing when you can elegantly move past your own place of comfort and familiarity and join someone else in theirs to form a beautiful bridge of friendships, both old and new.

Please, be sure to check out their website for all the beauty and details.

Tuesday’s Treats #55

Fortify Pi

Location: Clayton, Ga

Fortify is a cool place to eat in a little mountain town of North Georgia. The atmosphere is definitely modern, and the staff are friendly and inviting. The food is delicious and diverse. There are lots of pies from which to choose and the ingredients are definitely fresh. You can even check online to see what local farms they use to obtain their goods. They even have wings, salads, sandwiches and small plates.

The best way I can describe this pizza is it tastes clean. We got the pepperoni pizza and the supreme, and they both were delicious and “clean.” The ingredients tasted so fresh and without all the grease that usually comes with this stacked of a pizza. Yum!

Our oldest son opted for the hot wings, and he was not disappointed. Sorry that this pic is limited. I do believe there were a half dozen with which he began! 😉 They were very tasty, and we will definitely be going back! They, also, had house made ice cream; however, we were too stuffed to get dessert. This will be remedied on the next trip!

Check them out at Fortify Clayton. This is the site for both of their restaurants. They are next door to each other. I will be posting about their Kitchen soon. It is just as wonderful! 🙂

Tuesday’s Treats #54

Bourbon Street Grille

Location: Dahlonega, Georgia

We love Bourbon Street! You definitely need to get there early if you’d like a good seat, because the place is rather small, and the good seats are pretty limited. It is located right on the Square in Dahlonega, and on a nice day, you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the sights and sounds of town. 

We have eaten here a ton of times, and we’ve never had a bad meal; however, we do have our favorites. I love their shrimp and grits. It is served, in what looks like a small bowl, but let me tell you, it is filling. They serve it with a jalapeño cornbread muffin, and I usually get a salad before hand. The shrimp are cooked just right, and the grits are nice and creamy. There is a little bell pepper “chutney/relish” that is served on top, and honestly, the first time it was served, I wasn’t sure I would like it. However, it is very tasty and a nice addition to the dish. 

Their burgers are delicious and so are the fried. You can tell the burgers are hand pattied and not frozen and the fried are fresh cut and fried in clean oil. Some people don’t care about all that, but it sure makes for a more delicious meal. 

One time, recently, they had a daily special of blackened swordfish with asparagus and mashed potatoes. The swordfish was incredible! We’re not a fan of asparagus, but that was the only side with the potatoes; so, it sat lonely upon the plate as all the rest was gobbled up. We look for that special now whenever we go!

Next time you’re in the little mountain town of Dahlonega, be sure to stop by Bourbon Street. I don’t honk you’ll be disappointed. You can find their locations and menu items here

Tuesday’s Treats #53

Rocco’s Pub

Location: Jasper, Ga.

 This burger joint is located in the little town of Jasper, Georgia. They have great burgers and chili. Amazingly, they also have a choice of bison and elk burgers. My husband and boys had one of these, and they loved them! I had the regular bacon cheese burger, and it was good. Shoestring fries come with your order, but for $1.00 more, you can choose from steak fries, onion rings, Tator tots, veggies and sweet potato fries (complete with marshmallow creme). We ordered all except the steak fries and veggies. The marshmallow creme was a big hit with the boys! My husband also ordered a cup of the chili, and it was incredible. The sweet tea is good ol’ southern sweet tea, and the cherry Cokes are made perfect with grenadine. 

We ordered the hot apple pie ala mode for dessert. The flavor was really good; however, the crust could have been a little crispier…it almost made me wonder if, maybe, it was made yesterday and reheated today. Evenso, I’d probably order it again hoping it might be a little better, because the taste was really good.

The atmosphere of the place is really cool. I wish I’d taken a pic of the inside; so, you could see it. They also have a large outdoor covered pavilion dining area, and apparently, they have live music karaoke  frequently.

Please note: if you order bison/elk burgers, an appetizer and a dessert, along with drinks, for a party of four, your ticket may be a little more than what you’re used to paying. It’s great food, and we will definitely be back, I just thought I’d make you aware of the pricing; so, you’re not surprised by your ticket total as I was. Of course, I’ve included a pic of the menu; so, you can take a peak at it. 😉

Here is the website, too. 😊


Tuesday’s Treats #45

Vinny’s New York Pizza and Italian Grill

Location: Buford, Ga

If you’re looking for a great pizza joint, Vinny’s is your spot! It’s locally owned, and the owners care about their customers. The atmosphere is very quaint and comfortable, and it is suitable for a business lunch, a ladies night out, a large family gathering or even that very first date.

The serving portions are larger than usual, and the food is delicious! As you can see by the picture above, when I say the portions are larger than usual, I’m not kidding! This is a calzone, and I could only eat half of it! I wish I had taken a photo of the personal size pizza. It’s as big as a small, and the large pizzas…well, let’s just say they can feed an army!  

They have a pretty diverse menu, too. Calzones, pizza and spaghetti is available,and they also have subs, lasagna, eggplant Parmesan and even hot wings. Often, restaurants who have a wide variety on the menu will do some things great and then other things way below average; however, Vinny’s seems to get it right. I haven’t had anything, yet, that I don’t like, and we’ve know about this place since 2005.

Oh, one menu item that I must mention are the Alfredo garlic rolls. Oh. My. Goodness. These are just pure sin! Their regular garlic rolls are delicious anyway, but these are then smothered in Alfredo sauce and served as an appetizer. I have friends who have had these simply as a meal! Those attempting to be health conscious need not apply! 😂

The desserts are supposed to be scrumptious as well, but I am always so stuffed by the end of our meal that I have yet to order a dessert. They have some yummy looking cheesecakes and chocolate cake slices, and I did sample a friend’s “funnel cake,” which is more like little sugar-covered doughnuts. Those were yummy. So, if you’re ever in the Buford area, you should check them out.

Vinny’s is located at the Friendship Road exit off 985.  I had a little difficulty pulling up their website; however, their Facebook page has the location, phone number and most everything you would need.

Tuesday’s Treats #44

The Blue Otter Restaurant & Sportsbar  

The view here is spectacular! The restaurant is located right on the side of the highway, facing Lake Chatuge. The food is really good, too. I’d have to say it wasn’t awesome, but the view made up for the lack of luster. We had burgers, wings, pizza and a buffalo chicken wrap, all served with fries, onion rings and Tator tots (you choose one)…true Sportsbar type variety.  The sweet tea was good Southern style sweet tea, and the cherry cokes were true Roy Rogers, grenadine and all. 😉

The Hiawassee burger is good with bacon, pickle slices and BBQ sauce. It comes with ranch dressing, too, but I had it omitted. The wings were yummy, and my son ordered them with hot sauce; so, they were fire producing! Haha. The pizza was more bread than pepperoni and sauce, but the taste was good. The last time we went, our party got the big “Kitchen sink” pizza, with all the toppings, and it was loaded and yummy! The chicken wrap and ranch dressing was average, not really spectacular.

The atmosphere inside is really cool, but because it was such a beautiful day, we sat outside on the deck with a gorgeous view of the lake and mountains. The waitress seemed a little distracted, which made her a little on the slower side, but she was really nice. Everything was really good, and we will be back, I’m sure.

Here is their website for location and more information. 

Tuesday’s Treats #43


Location: Oakwood, Ga

If you’re looking for a home cooked meal and can’t find the time to cook it yourself, this is you’re best choice! Loretta’s is the place to go for comfort food.

They have a variety of daily choices; so, if you’re a little more selective like me, you’ll want to check out their daily menus. However, I’ve yet to be disappointed in a meal. They have some of the best pot roast, green beans, creamed potatoes and biscuits around. They have everything from livers and onions to fried shrimp. The fried chicken, chicken and dumplings,  and fried okra is to die for. The sweet tea is purely Southern sweet, and they even give you a choice of biscuits or cornbread with your meal. All the desserts are homemade, and just to make your mouth water, I’ll share a few: banana pudding, chocolate silk pie, and strawberry cobbler.

They also serve breakfast with some of the best chicken biscuits you’ve ever put in your mouth! So, you can get good comfort food for one or three square meals. Your choice.

Now, just like any good Southern Country Cookin’ restaurant, especially those that serve breakfast, you better prepared to smell like it for the rest of the day, or you better bring you an extra set of clothes to change after! 😉 For either breakfast or lunch, if you want to beat the rush, you better get there sooner than later. It fills up pretty fast around there!

Oh, and one more thing, if you’ll stick to the menu “combos” of meat item(s), combined with a few sides and a choice of beverage, your cost will be as stated on the menu board. However, if your family is prone to be more like mine, with growing boys who want more than those “preset” combos, yourvnill mightvrack up fast, as all other items are charged a la cart. 😬 I would have to say it’s worth every penny! It is that good!

If you need catering, they do an excellent job for both b’fast and lunch/dinner items. That’s saying a lot for breakfast items such as eggs and gravy, because those things aren’t real great cold, or even cooled down, and with Loretta’s catering, you don’t have to worry! They take care of it all!

Check out the daily menus and location here.

Tuesday’s Treats #42

Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano

Location: Lawrenceville, Ga
 This place is a little fancier than you would expect, pulling into the Kroger parking lot to find a spot. The hostess is a little pretentious, and the restaurant seems like it might be with the white tablecloths and decor, but if you can get past that, the food is pretty good. It seems to be a popular lunch spot, as it got pretty crowded today, and it is listed #5 on tripadvisor.com for the city in which it’s located.

The menu is quite limited; so, if you’re looking for an extensive, authentic Italian menu, you might want to go down the road to Carrabba’s. I ordered off of the daily specials menu, because for the price of a simple entree, I could choose the  “3 course entrees.” You get the choice of soup or salad, an entree and a dessert for $12.95.

I had a Caesar salad, pizza mafia (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, black olives) and tiramisu. My husband ordered a Chicken Caesar, and our youngest got the kids pepperoni pizza. Everything was delicious, but the tiramisu was just ok. It seemed more custard/pudding based and was served in this tiny ramekin (like 1-2oz. size!); so, I was a little disappointed at that point.

The bread that is served before the meal is accompanied by this brouchetta-eske sauce with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Yum! …and I’m not even a tomato fan. The sweet tea is really good; however, as the entrees came, our glasses were changed from these really cool, large glasses to these rather small glasses. So, we had to keep asking for refills. I thought that a little odd. Shouldn’t the larger glasses be served with the meal?

Anyway, the food was good, and we might drop back by sometime…if we’re in this parking lot at lunchtime, but I don’t think we will make a special trip. The regular menu prices seemed a little steep for lunch, and they don’t seem to have a wide variety of choices. However, my opinion may be a little skewed by our personal experience, because once our entrees were served, we didn’t see our waitress again for about 20+mins. (Time enough for us to finish, sit waiting, and my husband and son to “give up” and head for the car.) She finally arrived back in the room, put her apron back on behind the bar and came over to the table to ask me if she should box up the leftover pizza.

That’s when my tiny dessert was served by another waiter. She never seemed the slightest concerned about her absence, even when I graciously mentioned we had to hurry now, because we didn’t know it was going to take so long. Yeah, those moments of frustration, and the disappointment in the dessert,  may have slanted my opinion a bit.

Despite this, I chose to blog this “treat,” because of the TA rating, the amount of traffic they received during the lunch hour, and the food was rather tasty. Maybe we just got a bad waitress, and it’s usually better. Maybe we need to try it for a date night, too… maybe…

Check out their website here.

Tuesday’s Treats #41

La Hacienda

Location: Commerce, Ga

If you’re doing a little shopping in Commerce, you’ll surely want to stop here to eat. The service is great, and the food is even better. The chips and salsa, the rice and beans, and the steak tacos are great, but what I like the best is The Volcan. I don’t even know why it’s called this, but it is delicious! They take a soft flour tortilla, put grilled steak, bell peppers, a little sautéed onion and “wrap it up” like a present, complete with a bell pepper ring to close. It looks really cool, too (See pictures above). They have an extensive menu from which to choose, and the prices are better than many Mexican restaurants, too.

Check them out here.

Tuesday’s Treats #37

Osaka Hibachi & Sushi

Location: Cumming, Ga