Love Me Challenge #24


This might seem like a little of a repeat from #19, but there’s really no way I can answer differently. My God, my husband and our boys make me happier than anything in this world! My God has become my Refuge, my Strength, my Peace, my Friend and so, so much more! My husband has become my best friend, my love, my confidante, and the list could go on and on. Our boys just bring so much joy, adventure and laughter in to our lives, I couldn’t imagine life without them!! …any of them!!


I will have to say, another thing that makes me happy is great friends, especially lifelong or what I like to call “covenant” friends, because lifelong/covenant friends are hard to find. Covenant friendships don’t come into your life by chance nor are they birthed only from easy, fun-filled times together. Covenant friendships are birthed by choice and, often, through moments when you join arms and hearts and walk through the fires of life together. Life long friendships withstand the frivolous, the petty and even the physical miles that may grow over time. When you find one of these, hold onto them, cherish them and never let them go. Over the years, no matter the distance between you, you will be glad you did! 😉

Love Me Challenge #21


I am so proud of my God!! He is something else! If you haven’t met Him, you should, because He will change your life!! ❤

and I’m so proud of my husband and our boys! They are so incredibly awesome, and I truly don’t deserve them; however, I am so thankful God brought them all into my life!! ❤

(this, of course, is a younger pic of them, but they are growing into such fine young men!)

Wednesday’s Ode #27

I love celebrating LIFE! This week, we celebrate so many birthdays in our family, and it makes for a very busy but fun time!! 

My son’s special day comes first, and he turns 14 this year. It is so exciting to watch him grow into a young man; yet, it is with tearful eyes that I smile, because I reminisce of days gone by and look toward days without him home. He is an incredible young man. You can read a little more about him in my post from yesterday. I am definitely a proud mom! 😊  

Next, we celebrate my dad’s birthday. He is a great guy! He is actually my “stepdad,” but since the tender age of 12, he has been my dad. He loves outdoors, wildlife and the mountains. He is gentle spoken, a deep thinker and a diligent study of history, nature and all things photography. He is a great listener, incredibly patient, and smiles easily. He means so much to me, and I am thankful to call him dad.    

*Please, forgive the “picture of a picture” here! These are two of his photos, which are my favorites, and I don’t have a digital copy; yet, I wanted to try to share his talent. 

 Finally, we celebrate my husband’s birthday. He means the world to me, and I am so thankful to be his wife. He is my best friend, my confidante and my love. He encourages me, helps me to see truth when I need it, and loves me, regardless, of my many faults and failures. No, I don’t put him on a pedestal; I know he is human, and I see His flaws. However, I do believe God placed him in my life to show me just a little bit of His love, and I feel privileged He did! There are so many wonderful things I could say about him, but it would take way too long to post; so, I will simply say, He means the world to me, and I love him deeply!  ❤️ 

So, I say, Happy Birthday to some of my favorite men in the world! I am so proud to be able to celebrate life with you!! 💗

Wednesday’s Ode #26

I love pottery! I think pottery is awesome, and I’m trying to acquire more and more of it. I guess, I am a little picky on the kind I get. I’m not crazy about just any ol’ piece. 😉

 However, I love uniquely crafted pieces, especially those that are created for a specific purpose, like utensil bowls…    

Or spoon rests… I love this one…how the artist created it mostly one color, yet, was able to get a streak of color through the center…and if you’ll notice, this matches one of my utensil bowls!  😉

As I shared in one of my earlier Wednesday Odes, these are my favorite pottery mugs. These have special meanings to me, because these are places my husband and I love to visit. I also love these for their shape and appearance. 


The picture at the top of the page is of a beautiful pottery necklace I found in Dahlonega, Ga., at a local craft fair. This is my first piece of pottery jewelry, but I hope to fine a few more of these! 😊

Wednesday’s Ode #25

          I love candles! I really do!   
I have actually tried to moderate this particular “love.” I’ve tried to restrict myself from buying so many, because I can just get overrun with the quantities. The candles do take a certain amount of time to burn completely, and I don’t really need a closet full. However, when I run into a deal, I am so stinkin’ weak! I’ve bought too many from time to time, and, often, I just have to turn them into gifts for others! Lol!  

I love scented candles and not so much the unscented kind. I think I love the autumn and winter/Christmas fragrances the most, and that’s probably because those are my most favorite seasons (and holidays) of the year. I do like some of the more “summer” smells, too…especially anything with a coconut smell!! Mmmm, makes me want to grab my towel, flips and shades and head for the surf! 😉 

I think I love candles, because they can simply set the mood and, even, change the mood. Candlelight softens the mood of any room, and we all know fragrances can mellow or uplift any mood. I find that when I’m feeling down, or maybe a bit melancholy, I can light a lemon or fruity scented candle, and in just a bit, I will be in a much better mood. Or maybe, the kids are being loud and a little crazy, I can go light a candle scented with vanilla or even balsam fir, and in just a little while, they’ve kind of settled down in a calmer atmosphere. 

So, there’s my “ode” for today. I love fragranced candles. Care to share a love of yours, or maybe your favorite candle scent?? 🙂


(…I know, I don’t usually post on Sundays, but today is a little exception…😉)

Well, today marks ONE year that I have been blogging!

It’s been a good year, and I have to say, “THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who have taken the time to drop by and read a line or two.” You have made these possible:

It’s been such a fun ride, and I hope we have many more. I’ve learned a lot, accomplished many personal goals, and, I believe, I have so much more to learn and much further to go in this new “blogging world” …maybe I’ll compose a book one day, who knows? 🙂 If I do, you can say YOU WERE THERE in the beginning stages. 😉 

Thanks, again for reading. It means more than you know. My heart is truly humbled and so full. 💗

Wednesday’s Ode #9

I love my Kindle! I mentioned this in my ode a couple of weeks ago; so, I decided I’d give it a little shout out today. 🙂 I have the Kindle Fire, and it was given to me about three years ago. So, no, its not the HD, HDX or even the 8.9, but it’s just right for me.

IMG_9836I have the ability to download books, games, photos and even documents via one of the apps. I can even surf the web and find needed research when necessary. I have so enjoyed this device. I take it with me almost everywhere.

With my love for books and reading, as I shared in last week’s ode, this device has been handy dandy! I can be sitting in the dr’s waiting room or sitting in my truck during carpool, and I can flip it open to read. I can be taking a short road trip or headed on vacation with my family. No matter where we’re headed, as long as I don’t have to drive, I can curl up in the passenger seat and run away to a dreamland through my books…but many times, I’ll be nice and close it just so my husband won’t feel so alone on the journey! 😉

My boys have benefited from it, as well, when we end up at a place where I am having take care of some business, and they have no electronic device to bide their time, Mom will have her trusty Kindle full of games and books to entertain them for awhile. Even my husband has benefited from the Kindle app, as all of his school books, as well as, books for enjoyment, have been loaded onto his iPad via this app.

So, if you’re avid reader, or you just like to read while traveling by bus or by plane, Kindles are a great investment. I’ve not been real hip on the other brands out there, but to some, a reader is a reader; so, you are welcome to make up your own mind. For me, this ode is well deserved to my Kindle Fire, and for that one, I am thankful! 😉