Parenting 101 – Balance

Joey and I have talked about this from time to time, and as I began to blog this morning, I ran across this thought in one of my notepads.

Thought I’d share it for a parent out there who needs to hear it…

There is a great balance in the weight of parenting. It truly takes both parents to survive.

You’ve got to find your niche. Find your balance. One of you will be good at one thing; the other will be better gifted at others.

Here’s a simple illustration:

One of our sons had a project to be done. It was started late, of course. I helped till midnight. I’m a night owl and pretty detailed. I stayed engaged till the job was done, and for this reason, I was very knowledgable of what was needed for the completion. This isn’t bragging; it’s just the facts as we both could see it.

The next morning, Joey dealt with a cell phone issue for another son. There was no blow up. No arguments. He just prompted the convo, said what needed to be said, and it was done. And honestly, it all came out much smoother than I would have ever made it to be!

It takes two. As parents, you have to figure out your weak spots and allow the other parent to balance you. Be honest. You’re not the best in all things, and neither is he.

You don’t have to be all things to your child. That’s God’s job. Be who He called you to be. Immerse yourself in His gifting.

I can’t scream this loud enough: Stop fighting to be “supermom/superdad.” You’re not created to be all things for all moments. If I could shout this from the mountain tops or paint a thousand billboards to make this message clear, I certainly would.

This isn’t a competition. You don’t have to be the best, nor do you have to demean your spouse to make you look better! You figure out what you can do and learn from your spouse on the rest. You don’t have to be the only hero.

When you struggle to be the hero, you only become a narcissistic hinderance in your child’s life.

Read up on narcissism. I guarantee you. You don’t want to go there! 😉

Happy parenting!

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

Psalm 139:14

Whimsical Wednesday… forgotten till Thursday

If you are a “faithful reader” here at the Grizzle Grist, my sincerest apologies to you, and my deepest thanks for putting up with my neglect over the past two weeks! Between traveling to Ukraine for 12 days, a bit of jetlag, and the mounds of emails and just everyday catch-up that’s needed right now, I kind of feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. 🙄🤦‍♀️😂

I have restaurants to review for Tuesday’s Treats and thoughts for Whimsical Wednesdays and adventures for Friday Fun Days, and I’ve just got to take the time to sit down and write! Isn’t that the difficulty of every “well intended, self initiated writer?” Lol.

Well, I’m working on it. So, I just wanted to say, “Thanks for you patience and for not giving up on me!”😉 You’re amazing! 💕

Btw, I know yesterday was Wednesday; so, let me share this thought with you! Since I was a freshman in college, I’ve had this hero who is an amazing speaker, preacher and teacher. Well, now all of a sudden, he’s at our church, speaking to our congregation, and I am having direct conversations with him, like just common, comfortable, “How’s it going today?” kind of convos. It almost seems surreal; yet, he’s so humble, that he doesn’t appreciate the “fan club” type status; so, I definitely try to interact “normal.” 😂

I really began getting nervous yesterday, because I had to speak during the offering time, right before he spoke. 😳 Then, I had to remind myself, “He’s only human, too. God has appointed this time and purpose in the journey of my life, just walk in it and watch His blessings flow. It’s all about HIM anyway!”

Have you ever experienced something like that? Who’s your heroes and have you ever been able to speak to them in person, or has it only been by fan mail or signing autographs? How do you deal with “out of the norm/beyond your comfort zone kind” of moments in life?

What Makes A Hero?

Often, there are many opinions of what makes a person a hero? It can be because a life was, literally, saved from fire, danger or even death. Or maybe a life wasn’t physically saved, but metaphorically, if the “hero” hadn’t stepped in, a life would have been utterly destroyed. Or maybe, to some, their hero is just simply someone who means so much that if that person wasn’t around, life just wouldn’t be the same.

There are so many different definitions and thoughts on the subject that I cannot claim to be an expert. However, I’d like to share a little of what I have learned about heroes and the character it takes to become a hero…

A hero brings HOPE to the desperate and broken. He steps in when everyone else steps out. He breaths life into what seems to be dead. He speaks words of life where there may have been hopelessness.

A hero brings INSPIRATION to the fearful and doubting. She causes the perspective to change. She instills faith where doubt once prevailed. She motivates words into actions. She makes an impact right where she lives.

A hero brings STRENGTH to the weak and powerless. He produces belief in self, in others, in mankind and in a higher being. He stirs an ability in others to stand strong, to endure and to never give up. He instills confidence that “Everything is going to be alright.”

I am so thankful to serve a God who can easily be called my hero. This is not a cliché. It’s not a punchline. I don’t say it even because it sounds cute or could work well as a bumper sticker slogan.

I say it, because I have found this to be true. He IS my HERO. He brings me HOPE. He brings me INSPIRATION. He brings me STRENGTH, and so much more! He is all I need every time I need Him. I have found when I have Him, I don’t need a bottle. I don’t need a pill. I don’t need a person, program or a progression of steps to make it through the storm. He is Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is my Prince of Peace, my Counselor, my Comforter, my Refuge, my Strength, my Everything. He is ALL I need!! 

Who’s YOUR hero today? Can you honestly attest that he/she all you need?


*Cool (extra) note: Did you notice what the first letter of each word spelled out? HIS … I am HIS, and He is all I need! 😉

Build Superhero Status

When our boys were little, they were always posing, play fighting, and attacking life as some kind of superhero. Our oldest would dress up in the full Batman mask and cape, ready to face every enemy lurking around the corner; it didn’t matter that we were only going to the store. He was ready for whatever may come! Our youngest didn’t dress up in the cape as much, but he wore out that Batman mask! 🙂

Our children always want to be something great. Let’s let help them. Let’s let them be the heroes they choose, no matter what age they might be. Let’s imagine with them, pretend with them, even believe with them. They are only little once. Those years fly by so quickly. It’s as if I blinked, and now, I see a teen growing into a man and a young boy growing into a teen. I miss those younger years, sometimes, but I know they must grow. I know they cannot stay small forever.

Yet, even as they grow, they still have dreams of being a hero. It might not be Batman, and it may not be Superman, but there are dreams still alive, villains still to be captured and battles still to be won. Find out what those are, and help them not just make it and survive; help them conquer and thrive. Breathe life into those imaginations. Let the dreams live on. Give them the tools to fight those battles and win BIG.

For every Superhero was once a small child. Every mother, every father, for generations past, was once a little girl and a little boy dreaming of the hero they would on day become, and so many still, yet, dream of the hero they once were or the one they desire to be…