Love Me Challenge #16


Something I like about myself is, also, something I dislike at times. I am a very soft spoken person, and someone who works overtime to not impose upon other people. Generally, I keep my thoughts to myself, and I’d prefer to speak when spoken to rather than speak out of turn. 

For those of you who struggle with your extroverted personalities might think you would love to have this personality trait; however, for those of us “blessed with such a skill” might have quite a difference of opinion. However, this post today is about what I like about me; so, what I like about it…

Walking into a crowded room, I can slip in almost unnoticed, find a friend and smile before everyone realizes how lonely I might be feeling that day. When someone hurts my feelings or makes me mad, I can hold my tongue until I’m over it, and I don’t have to worry about saying something stupid I might regret. When there is someone else hurting or alone, I can come beside them and help them carry the load, ever aware of the possibility of pushing too hard or staying too long. When a friend is in need of someone, but doesn’t need noise and fanfare, I can sit for hours just enjoying the company and offering a helping hand. When my children are acting like hooligans, I can calmly walk up to them, whisper their tiny thread of existence between joy and utter sorrow and walk away… well, no, that’s not quite the truth. I’m sorry, I don’t have that much patience or soft spoken qualities.😂 

As with any strength, there are equal traits that will make it a weakness when I let it. There were years when I hated this quality about myself, and honestly, there are plenty of days when I still struggle with this love/hate relationship I have built. However, as I am growing older, I am accepting the fact that God made me this way for a specific reason, and I am learning to grow with it, relish in it and explore beyond it. 

If for no other reason, I am finding more and more that one of the greatest reasons He created me in this way is because He decided to place me in a home with three very strong, outspoken, outgoing men. I bring a great balance to all the activity and noise, and He knew that I, for one, would need it! 😉💗

Wow, Thanks a Bunch!! :)

Well,  I’m not sure what’s “magical about the number 1,337, but WP sent me this notification today: I now have this many likes on thegrizzlegrist. How cool is that?!

So, I wanted to tell you all that take the time to read and click that little “like” button, “THANKS A THOUSAND PLUS!!” 😉  

You guys are awesome!! 😊 I am truly blessed and grateful for your time and attention! I am humbled, and my heart is full. 💕 

It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things that Make Me Smile.

I opened my phone app today to check the notifications, and this is what I saw. Thank you so much to everyone who would take the time to drop by here and read my little blog. This has been a fun journey, and you have made it worthwhile. I look forward to many more adventures with you! I am blessed and grateful today. Thanks. 🙂

I Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Shop!

 My phone “chimes” each time I have a like, comment or follow on my blog. It just chimed for the 200th like on thegrizzlegrist. I’m sure I won’t keep the chime once this blog gets “REALLY” popular (my goal: 100 follows in 6 months), and it desires to chime all through the day; however, while I am still a novice, and it only chimes a few times throughout my day, I feel like a kid at Christmas time. Every chime feels like a little present that says, “You’re on the right path here. You’re following a purpose…His purpose.” It makes me feel like I’m a kid again, and my grandfather has taken me to the candy shop and told me to get what I want. (See more about that on October 6 post, “Bigger Than Life.”)

So, thank you to everyone who has helped to get me 200 likes so far! 🙂