Merry Christmas to you and yours! We pray this will be a joyous holiday season filled with laughter and good times! God bless!

Ps. Thank you for being a great reader; even though, my blogging has been pretty lax the last part of this year. My goal is to begin again just as soon as I can, and I believe I will have quite a bit of catching up (for you) to do! There have been many new and exciting things going on here, and I’ve just kind of taken a break from the daily writing habit, but I need to and will begin again soon!

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Merry Christmas 2016!


Maybe it’s because we’ve had warmer temperatures this year, or maybe because it seems to have come so quickly, but it still doesn’t quite feel completely like Christmas to me. Today is Christmas Eve! I guess, I better start feeling it, or I’m just gonna miss it this year! Haha. 

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends! We pray your Christmas is blessed with making wonderful memories and joyous moments together. 

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It’s Merry Christmas!

*sorry, friends, for being absent during the Christmas week. I was spending time with out of town family, and just didn’t find the time to get online. I’ve been blogging during the time; so, you may get a little overflow the next few days! 😉

Written 2 days before Christmas…

Okay, so, I’m gonna rant for just a moment. If you’d prefer to not read, I completely understand, but if you’ll indulge me, it won’t take but a minute…

IT IS MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It’s not just another holiday. It’s not just Happy Holidays (even though it IS very happy), and I am totally over this politically correct statement. This remark was begun by those who hated Christmas being celebrated by Christians and their desire to push a political agenda to avoid Christianity and anything that might remotely infers it. I don’t see these groups, those who make a big fuss about nativity scenes, Christmas carols and saying “Merry Christmas,” making a big fuss over someone saying Happy Hanukkah or Happy Ramandah. (Only stating two for sale of space and time, no other reason!) They don’t attack the display of candlesticks nor the fasting of certain foods by other religions; yet, most of these who attack state they are trying to achieve “a freedom from religion.” Well, if you were truly trying to achieve this, wouldn’t you attack more religions than simply Christianity? I’d like to say to them, “Either be fair in your assessments, or leave me alone! I don’t care if others want to celebrate their given religious feasts, celebrations and special days; so, why single mine out and attack them alone? I’m not going to be angry with you if you’d like to tell me “Happy Hannukkah, Ramandah” or whatever else “Happy/Merry” you’d like to give! So, why do they have to seem so vindictive toward my chosen celebration?

Yet, then again, I have come to the realization that absolute truth has always been attacked, and my Savior has always been hated by those who disagree with Him. Those who disliked Him when He was here on earth eventually killed Him because of their disdain toward Him. This hatred toward Christianity is nothing new; so, it really ought not surprise me when people are forced on their jobs to tell me, “Happy Holidays.” It should not frustrate me that so many have stopped telling me, “Merry Christmas,” when I leave their stores. I suppose, I should actually smile, even laugh, knowing this agenda is being pushed down our throats and throughout our world today, because the devil hates God, and he always will, because he has already lost! His fury will not last, and the end of the story has already been told: Jesus wins. (Just read the back of the Book!)

So, I will just continue to respond with a smile and say cheerfully, “Merry Christmas!” I will keep my Christmas joyful, regardless of the war being raged upon my religion. I will embrace those around me with the love that He has birthed within my heart, and I will repeat to all those who will hear, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all for Unto us is born a Savior, and His name is called Emmanuel, which means God with us! (Isaiah 9:6-7)