Answer to Friday’s Angle #14

Did you guess yesterday’s new angle? How’d you do??   

It’s a 3 wick, green candle! 😉 Hope you are enjoying these! See you next week!


Friday’s New Angle #14

It’s Friday, and it’s time for another new angle! 🙂 

I hope you have fun with this, and remember, the answer will be posted this time tomorrow!  


Friday’s New Angle#13

Okay, here is Friday’s New Angle, and I’ve tried to be a little tricky on this one. 😉 I’m looking for not just the substance on this one but also what the shape might be…  

  Have fun! See you tomorrow for the answer! 🙂

Friday’s New Angle #12

Here’s today’s new angle! Can you guess what it is? Remember, you can check back here tomorrow for the answer. I hope you have fun with this one! 


Friday’s New Angle #7

It’s Friday, and it’s time for a New Angle! 😉
Hint: Looking for the answer to what is BLACK… Have fun!


Friday’s New Angle #6

Friday’s the day…A new Angle’s our way! 😉