Wordless Heart

When no words can be found within your heart, and the weight of life seems unbeatable, or the sadness begins creeping in where joy once was, step outside. Go for a walk, sit down and listen to nature, enjoy good company or even stand in front of a waterfall.

Often, to find the peace your soul needs, you will have to move beyond the four walls in which you live. You will have to leave the agenda, the busyness, and all the cares and strife behind for a moment, or even, for several hours, and move out of the daily grind.

Go watch a sunset. Climb a mountain or a hillside where you can see the valley below. Sit by the lake or the ocean, or stand before a rushing river or near an avalanche of a waterfall and just listen.

You will hear His voice on the wind, calling your soul to peace. You will feel His presence surround you as you just simply soak it all in. Even if you don’t know Him yet, your soul remembers…

Wednesday’s Ode #33

Originally posted April 22, 2015… Now, with a few more pics. 😉

  Today, I’d like to be headed toward what I am going to give tribute: the mountains! Oh, how I love the mountains! We live near the North Georgia Mountains, and every time I get near, every time I get even a glimpse of them, I have to take a couple of really deep breaths and just close my eyes and let everything else simply slip away. 

 I am, specifically, in love with the N.GA mountains and the Smoky Mountain National Park; however, I have been to the Rockies, as well as, several other parks and mountain ranges along the East coast, and I love them all!! 
There is just something about standing at the base of an ancient hill that has withstood the test of time. Those ranges have stood strong amidst rain, blistering heat, earthquakes, snow and mankind. Their strength precedes them. Their peace hovers around them, and it can be felt with more intensity the closer you get. 

  Some fear the mountains, because they are unpredictable and unwavering in the raw elements; however, I have found my time spent hiking, walking, or simply gazing up at the trees, is always refreshing, revitalizing, and it reequips me for the days I have ahead. Some grow frustrated and restless as they draw near to the sheer size of the mound; yet, I find myself longing for moments of solitude in their midst. They are a fortress, a refuge, a high tower upon which I will lean and find rest. They bring me peace, strength, and even, wisdom, as I gaze at their majesty. They are a constant reminder to me of their Creator and mine. 

 I just love, love, love the mountains!! My heart is longing to escape to that fortress even now. …Hmmm, I wonder if I could possibly squeeze in a trip to them today…or at least, over this coming weekend! 🙂  

Wednesday’s Ode #22

  I love trees!! I am enthralled by trees. I find myself even mesmerized by trees sometimes. They are big, breath-giving and beautiful! I love them in all colors of green in the spring and all shades of golden, orange and red in the fall. I love trees that lose their leaves in the fall, and I love great big evergreens that seem to hold down the forest through the winter. Trees are simply breathtaking.   

Notice above, I said they are life-giving? I love trees, because they breathe in the toxic gases I breathe out, and they give off the oxygen I need to live. They seem to sing their own song with the winds of spring, and they bristle and pop in the storms of summer. They are the musical instruments of the woodlands.   

I love the tall, quick-growing pines, and I love the thick, slow-growing oaks. I love the fruit trees which yield delicious delicacies, and I love hearty and wholesome hemlocks. Some of the favorites, though, would have to be the big, beautiful live oaks of the South. I am probably partial to these, because I grew up around them, but I think these are simply some of the most majestic trees around!   

I even love twisted, gnarled and old trees. Broken and dead trees make me a little sad, but I think the images they create can be quite amazing.    

 I like to think of trees kind of like people…there’s never two exactly alike! 😉

Your Rest

Sometimes, I’m consumed by the cares of this world.

Many times, the weight of this life becomes suffocating.

My thoughts and imagination, around my head, they swirl.

But then, I see a glimpse of Your face, and it’s intoxicating.

The stress and strife, they weaken in light of Your grace.

Your yoke is easy and Your burdens are light, just as You said.

The worries of my soul are lifted as I come into Your holy place.

Your grace is so sufficient, and my neediness is fed.

Thank You for Your comfort and for Your peace.

You’ve done all You promised; how could I ever forget?

I praise You for Your rest and much needed release.

Thanks for Your provisions and the plans for me You’ve set.

You are holy and so worthy of all my praise.

Thank You for Your love and for saving me from me.

I will worship and adore You for the rest of my days.

Of all my passions and desires, I pray the most You will be.

Penned – MG – 8/19/03


Only From You


I look out over Your waters and behold

A reflection that could only be from You

So gentle, so calm, so peaceful

It reminds me of Your serenity

I look upon Your waterfalls and know

A strength that could only come from You

So strong, so bold, so powerful

It reminds me of Your awesomeness

I look into Your streams and visualize

An image that could only be given from You

So humble, so meek, so merciful

It reminds me of Your purity

I look out on Your mountains and see

A creation that could only be made from You

So vast, so immense, so beautiful

It reminds me of Your majesty

I look upon Your peaks and understand

A faith that could only be from You

So wondrous, so hopeful, so believing

It reminds me of Your faithfulness

I look into Your foothills and recognize

An adventure that could only come from You

So energizing, so exciting, so invigorating

It reminds me of Your passion

Then I look at Your Son and realize

A love that could only be of You

So amazing, so overwhelming, so inviting

It reminds me of Your grace

Thank You.

Penned – MG – 10/26/03