Happy 4th Anniversary!

Thanks to all of YOU who have read, inspired and encouraged me over the past four years! You are who make this blog interesting and worthwhile. These last four years have been a blast, and I look forward to many more! 😊💗

Love Me Challenge #21


I am so proud of my God!! He is something else! If you haven’t met Him, you should, because He will change your life!! ❤

and I’m so proud of my husband and our boys! They are so incredibly awesome, and I truly don’t deserve them; however, I am so thankful God brought them all into my life!! ❤

(this, of course, is a younger pic of them, but they are growing into such fine young men!)

Thank You a little late…

I received this from WordPress last week, and I’m just now getting the chance to post a Thank You!! I do apologize for my delay, and I hope you know how deeply appreciative I am for each and every follow and kind word of encouragement you have so graciously given to me over the last two years! It means so very much! YOU are awesome!! THANK YOU!! 💗



A Different Thanksgiving

IMG_4855-0Thanksgiving is so different for so many this time of year…
Some have great big family gatherings with homemade dishes, roasted turkey and giblet gravy… Some have smaller gatherings with a few homemade foods and a catered meal…Others gather two by two and cook something meaningful…and still others make reservations or simply stand in line to have their meal served to them on this glorious day of Thanksgiving.
It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, or even for some, if you actually commemorate the day with a fulfilling meal. There are so many who are simply grateful for the roof over their head, the clothes on their back or the plain fact they finally have a day off after too many weeks of overtime. There is no right or wrong way to observe the day. There are no set rules that each person must follow. I believe what matters most is realizing your heart is full of thanksgiving for what you have, and even sometimes, for what you have not.
Some will be thankful for their family, their friends and the food that has been placed before them, and I am definitely appreciative of all that I have been given. I am so grateful for a wonderful husband, two incredible boys, a great extended family, church family and new home. I had so much fun this past week, as we traveled to my hometown to celebrate the holiday with my 86 year old grandmother, and I got to see so many relatives whom I only see once every couple of years. We made memories of which I will cherish for years to come.
I am so overwhelmed by the many blessings God has given me even within the past few months and year, but I think today, I might even be thankful for those things which I don’t have…
Hatred, anger, and strife…rebellion, confusion and apathy within my heart.
A husband who doesn’t love this world more than he loves Jesus nor does he love another woman more than he loves me.
Children who don’t respond to me with revulsion, malice or bitterness.
A family who doesn’t return ill will for the love I send.
A church who doesn’t worship the standards of this world above their God.
A home that doesn’t cause me to shiver in the cold of loneliness or the heat of revenge.
And a God Who doesn’t demand my works above my relationship to Him nor my chants of submission above my love for Him.
All in all, I’d say I have many things for which I can be thankful today, and maybe, even a few more for which I can be thankful to be without.

Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

…Being thankful for those things we don’t have can bring our Thanksgiving into a whole new perspective, now can’t it? 😉