Strength Is In His Hands

I remember as a strong fisherman

  pulling his nets, a far off seeing the catch

  With the wooden rod, slaps on the water, fish to draw

  His hands pulling, pushing, whittling, carving

  His hands weaving, threading, poking, prodding

Strength was in his hands


I remember as a devoted father

  smoothing the wrinkled pages to pray

  With the brewed coffee, black as syrup to sip

  His hands moving, stirring, guiding, soothing

  His hands directing, correcting, holding, loving

Strength was in his hands


I remember as a diligent businessman

  striving his way, dreams to become a reality

  With the suit and tie, a strong woman by his side

  His hands working, strengthening, molding, developing

  His hands reaching, greeting, building, succeeding

Strength was in his hands


I remember as a committed grandfather

  searching the moments to always remember

  With the Ol’ Ranchero, a thrill of adventures to find

  His hands steadying, nurturing, playing, resting

  His hands embracing, shielding, releasing, surrendering

Strength was in his hands


I remember as a merciful Saviour

  permitting the cruelty, my sins setting free

  With the rugged cross, a message of amazing love

  His hands bleeding, hanging, stretching, dying

  His hands redeeming, restoring, delivering, healing

Strength is in His Hands


I remember as a faithful King

  surrounding His creation, His children to welcome home

  With a crown of glory, a revelation of eternal hope

  His hands opening, receiving, enfolding, revealing

  His hands exposing, erasing, consuming, immersing

Strength is always in His hands…


penned 10/25/12 – MG

Need To Do Better

I always have the need to do better…EVERY DAY of my life!

I need to do better in my prayer life.

I need to do better in my Bible reading.

I need to do better in my devotions.

I need to do better in my attitude when I’ve been up too late and risen too early.

I need to do better in going to bed at an earlier hour.

I need to do better in eating a healthier diet.

I need to exercise; I need to consume less sugar; I need to cook more meals at home; I need to eat out less.

I need to do better in loving and serving my husband.

I need to do better in not growing so frustrated with the kids.

I need to do better in spending more time with them.

I need to hug more, fuss less.

I need to serve more, demand less.

I need to give more, take less.

Oh, I so need to do better…

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed by the “Need to Do Better” syndrome?

Isn’t it great to know we have a Heavenly Father who is THE BEST at EVERYTHING He does? He doesn’t have to do ANYTHING better than He does it right now. He is the BEST. He is the best Father, the best Savior, the best Redeemer, the best One to forgive, the best Giver of Life, the best Love, the best Life-Planner, the best Refiner, the best Clay Maker, the best Designer of Creation (which includes you and me!), the best Comforter and One to confront, the best Provider, the best Protector, the best Deliverer, the best King, the best Lord!! He is simply the best!

So, my life areas marked,”Need to Do Better” might be just that, and I will strive daily to move from where I find myself today. However, if my whole life is in the very palm of the One who is the best at ALL He does, then, I can finally rest assured that my life is going to be okay…maybe not perfect, but definitely, okay. I may keep struggling to achieve perfection; however, if I’ll only remember that HE is the source of all my success, I will always be able to do better. If He is my role model, my foundation, my source and my guide, I can do ALL things! With Him by my side, I WIN! With Him guiding my life, I can’t NOT do better!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

The Winds of Change

The winds of change have come

I feel them blowing on my face

My spirit is lifted with the dream

My heart is now set to race


The change is inevitable

But with God, all things are divine

The memories tucked safely within

Onward moving, not forgetting those behind


A new chapter has begun

A new home, a new city, and new friends

In Him, everything has a season

In Him, He brings joy, even before it all begins


penned – 1/31/12 – MG

A Little Change Is Okay

One Sunday afternoon, I just decided to paint my fingernails hot pink. I’m not big on painting my nails. It’s not that I don’t like painted fingernails; I just never do it, and when I say, “never,” I mean really, never…like once a year, “never,” maybe twice a year…if you’re really lucky. It’s just not something I really take time to do. I keep my toenails painted throughout the summertime, but my nails, well, I’m just a little impatient to wait on them to dry. However, this particular afternoon, I decided for a little change. Later that night, as I was saying goodnight to my very honest-and-bluntly-spoken twelve year old, he grabbed my hand and said, “What’s THAT?” I responded, “Nail polish. Why?” He said, “Mom, No. It’s just not your thing.” He didn’t say this to be mean, really; he was just speaking from that honest heart of his; yet, I didn’t know whether to be offended or to laugh…

I chose to laugh; however, it did cause me to start thinking. That nail polish represented something which, too often, we may avoid: CHANGE. That nail polish was such a stark contrast to my methodical way of life. That is just my way. I like methods and procedures. I enjoy plans and predictabilities. I like analyzing a situation and being able to find a solution. I like the old statement, “There is a place for everything, and everything has it’s place.” That’s just the way God hardwired me. I have a routine, and I generally stick to it; so, when I change something, even as simple as nail polish, to my children, it may not seem to be “my thing.” However, the nail polish was fun, and it made me feel pretty that particular day, and that little bit of change did me good. Yet, it made me wonder how often we, as humans, as creatures of habit, become so comfortable in our “routines” that we miss out on even the little things of change which might bring life back into our being…

I left the nail polish on for a few days, as I pondered these thoughts…I came to this conclusion: a little change is okay once in a while. We should all try something new. Keep yourself alive through the change! If we’re always seeking change, we, as well as those closes to us, may never have the stability and peace we need; however, if we’re never changing, we will never grow and develop, and an early death will be certain…if not physical, it may very well be emotional, mental or spiritual. Everything that grows must encounter change. A seed that grows into a beautiful rose must first change from a tiny seed into a rose vine, followed by a tiny bud covered by sepals, and then, as the tiny bud grows, the sepals open, and the flower blooms and changes into the beautiful rose. A bear is first a tiny cub before it grows and changes into a momma bear, and every elderly person was once a little babe who first grew into a small child, then into an adolescent, followed by a young adult, evolving into a full grown adult, and finally becoming an elderly adult. We don’t, necessarily, have a choice in our physical growth; as my husband jokingly states, “We are all growing older and uglier every day!” Yet, when it comes to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, we do have a choice. If we choose not to grow in these vital areas; then, we actually have chosen to allow that particular area to die and the others to eventually follow. An early death, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is always tragic. I have never once heard someone say, “Well, it’s a good thing he/she died so young.” It’s always a tragedy, and it always brings heartache. The only way we can stay alive is to allow change into our life! If you’re like me, and lots of change can, sometimes, bring feelings of apprehension and hesitation, just start with a few little things, and work yourself toward the big things. Although it may be a little “out of our norm,” change can be good for us….even if it is a little bit of hot pink nail polish!20140719-224346-81826658.jpg