Wednesday’s Ode #18

  I love unique doorways…

  or maybe I should say entryways…   Either way, I love openings that make me wonder what is beyond…    Who has stepped beyond the door?   Who has entered there?

  Who might be coming back?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Ode #18

  1. Hi Mia—I love your pictures of doors / portals, etc… as I too love doors— as well as windows!!
    When I travel I always take pictures of both—-I even created a Parisian Doorknob book—who knew one could have an entire book filled with beautiful, old, unique, antique doorknobs—then there was a doors of central Europe book—-so many wonderful entrances 🙂
    I’m actually a contributor to two sites dedicated to doors and windows—
    the first one is
    Adrian is the site admin–he’s a photographer out of England
    You can go on the site, leave him a message about wanting to add your images if you’d like and he can add you as a member—-I wasn’t keen on the name initially, but I got over it as I absolutely love seeing everyone’s door images from around the world.
    The other site is
    where Russell is the site admin.
    I’ve not posted anything recently on either site as I’ve not been as active with my camera since my Dad’s gotten sick—but I still enjoy seeing those images others upload—
    Thought you might enjoy them—-
    happy pictures—Julie

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    • Thank you so much! I love the idea of the doorknob book. I love both of these sites. I do wish there was a way to follow them without signing up for email…My inbox is so overrun, I struggle to clear it out everyday. 😦 I looked for a follow button on their sites, but all I found was the email requests…? Thanks, again, for the tip!


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