Wednesday’s Ode #26

I love pottery! I think pottery is awesome, and I’m trying to acquire more and more of it. I guess, I am a little picky on the kind I get. I’m not crazy about just any ol’ piece. 😉

 However, I love uniquely crafted pieces, especially those that are created for a specific purpose, like utensil bowls…    

Or spoon rests… I love this one…how the artist created it mostly one color, yet, was able to get a streak of color through the center…and if you’ll notice, this matches one of my utensil bowls!  😉

As I shared in one of my earlier Wednesday Odes, these are my favorite pottery mugs. These have special meanings to me, because these are places my husband and I love to visit. I also love these for their shape and appearance. 


The picture at the top of the page is of a beautiful pottery necklace I found in Dahlonega, Ga., at a local craft fair. This is my first piece of pottery jewelry, but I hope to fine a few more of these! 😊