Thank You for Your Time

Today is Labor Day, and I just want to say, “THANK YOU!” 

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your service. Thank you for all you do to make this country, and the world in which we live, a better place. 

You are the truck drivers who carry my food across country for the groceries. You are the warehouse workers who stack and box the clothes for the retailers. 

You are the teachers in our schools who give so much, and often, receive little in return. You are the cashiers who run up my items at Walmart, Target, Kroger and Sam’s. 

You are the CEO’s, the lawyers, the bankers and the accountants who work with the big numbers and the long hours to supply the goods, protect the laws and assign the funds. 

You are the policemen on patrol who help to protect my babies as I drive on the road. You are the firemen who are on call to put out a fire or pull a cat from a tree. You are the ambulance and EMTs who come at a moment’s notice. 

You are the dentist who cleans my teeth and the doctor who checks my sons’ ears. You are the quick care nurse who receives my name and checks for insurance. 

You are the SAHM mom who saves on your daycare bill and decides to skip on the coffee trips; so, dad doesn’t have to work those extra hours this week.  

You are the state park worker who works at the visitor center; so, I can get more information and find my way to that beautiful waterfall. 

You are the amusement park worker who makes sure my son is buckled in tight for his thrill ride. You are the bowling alley waitress who brings me a coke and helps to make the party a success. 

You are the restaurant hostess who finds my husband and I a quiet booth, and you are the parking lot security who makes sure my car is safe. 

You are the pastor who prays for me and the youth pastor who teaches my son to pray. You are the maintenance man who cleans the toilets and mows the lawn to make our church look better.

There are so many who make this world go round and who work hard to make everyday a little better for the rest of us, and I just want to take time today to tell you…


Happy Labor Day!