Words can be spoken in an instant, but it may take a lifetime to heal the wounds they bring. Be careful with your words. Be deliberate, and do not simply throw them away…

the grizzle grist mill


I stand here in shock, not knowing what to do;

I cannot believe the feelings I’ve caught here from you.

Memories from the past overwhelm my weary mind,

But now, in chains, these memories they do bind.

My hands to you, we were reaching for the stars.

My dreams, our friendship, now you have scarred.

The distance you’ve placed, this I do not understand.

Between us, our sisterhood, is it now banned?

The anger, the jealousy, I pray it does not last.

So many questions I’m left with, only not to ask.

This brokenness and pain, I wish I did not feel.

They all say it takes way too much time to heal.

As I stand here with this bleeding heart,

I pray that one day we have a brand new start.

God can cleanse, forgive and always can mend,

But it takes you and me with this friendship to tend.

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Bleeding Heart

So sorry for the delayed post today…
In light of recent world events of tragedy, I thought I’d reshare this from a while back…

the grizzle grist mill

           My heart is bleeding from the violence I see.

                 Babies are crying; mothers lying in the streets.

                    Children are running; men fighting their way through.

                       My body is aching from the violence I see.

                          Women are screaming; lovers denying their peace.

                             Fathers are falling; teens pleading for their release.


                              My heart is bleeding from this violence I see.

                                       Sisters shrieking; infants dying in the womb.

                                          Brothers are climbing, elders yearning no more to be.

                                             My soul is aching from this violence I see.

                                                Grandfathers are groaning; toddlers crippled by the brew.

                                                   Grandmothers are stumbling; guardians shielding not the least.


                                       My heart is bleeding from this violence I see.

Penned – 10/26/03 – MG

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