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I tapped my foot to an engaging new song while commuting to work.  My mind wandered aimlessly until the words, “Pastor got a look and said, “Ya’ll had better hurry“; Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri”, brought me back to what had so engaged my foot.  The song continued with my full attention as I listened to the song “Getting Ready to Get Down” by John Ritter.

Objection after objection formed in my mind to nearly every stanza of this song.  I turned the radio off with a mixture of anger and sadness.   I was once again confronted with the familiar lie buried into the artistic fabric of our society.

I know this lie all too well.  I believed these lies for long enough to know the truth of their destructive nature.  The Story of JD chronicles my swallowing of the same old lie packaged anew…

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Wednesday’s Ode #44

I do apologize for the tardiness of this post! Those who read every week, especially, at precisely the 11:30am hour, please forgive me for the delays yesterday and today…we had a little “speed bump….”

I just love Christmas traditions! Yeah, I suppose you could say I’m a little “old school.” I like having family traditions you return to year after year. I enjoy watching the kiddos open one present at our house, or at the grandparents house, on Christmas Eve. I look forward to setting up the nativity scene and taking a moment to intentionally remember the true reason for the season. I love baking and decorating Christmas cookies with our boys. I love piling up in the car and searching all over town for the best light displays. Most of all, I enjoy sitting in front of the Christmas tree, with all the other lights off, sipping a cup of coffee and gazing at the lights and ornaments. Yes, these are all traditions our family enjoys every year, and I just love each and every one!   

What are some of the traditions our family enjoys during the holiday season?