It’s Tradition, Again

Today begins the week of Christmas, all the joy and all the chaos. Let us not forget the fun, the wonder and the joy in sharing it with those we love…

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The other night, my youngest and I continued a tradition that hasn’t really been an annual, very consistent, tradition; however, I’ll call it a tradition, nonetheless. We made sugar cookies together…complete with the rolling out of dough, cookie cutter figures, making our own icing (for the very first time!), and sprinkles and nonpareils. It was messy, but it was, oh, so fun!!

We had the movie, Home Alone 2, playing in the background as we floured the countertop and rolling pin, flattened the dough and prepared it for the cookie cutters. We pressed the cutters into the dough, making snowmen, Christmas holly, stars, and trains. We baked them, painted them and let them dry. We ate a few and stood back to admire our handiwork. He did an awesome job! …Mine looked more like a four year old’s creation (no offense to the four year olds out there! Haha).

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Answer to Friday’s Angle #44

Well, how’d you do yesterday?

If you guessed a snow covered tree, you got it! This is actually a snow covered tree on a Christmas glass.

Hope you had fun, and hope you have a wonderful week this week getting ready for Christmas! 🙂 🎄

Friday’s New Angle #44

It’s Friday, a week before Christmas, and it’s time for another New Angle! 🙂

Check back here tomorrow, at this same time, for the answer! 😊

Deep Dark Tunnel

It’s a deep, dark tunnel 

I am forced to walk through to funnel. 

The scars are deep, those it requires. 

The voices are strong, never tiring in the mire. 

The path is paved with the broken and the destroyed. 

Their demise is how I must fill the void. 

Learn from their mistakes. Don’t make it twice. 

Turn away from my heart’s wicked, wicked vice. 

It’s scary. It’s sad. It’s simply a lie. 

Yet, there’s a light guaranteed on the other side. 

There is a promise, a hope, a future. 

If I can just find the strength and energy to endure. 

We’re not here long, and this is simply a test. 

If I can just keep my sight focused on Him and not the rest. 

I will find all the peace and belonging I hope for. 

All I must do is just open the door. 
The path is loneliness.

 The destination is depression. 
Those who don’t struggle never quite understand the battle. 

Those who battle without hope can never see beyond the rattle. 

Those who find Hope, find a new tomorrow. 

This is a Hope that doesn’t just have to be borrowed. 

This is the Only One who gives true Hope and Life. 

He is the answer. Will you let Him take away your strife? 

He can help you. He came here just for you. 

He longs to hold you, to heal you,to love you through and through. 

All you have to do is see, believe and trust. 

All you have to do is say His name, and your hope will never rust. 

Penned – MG – 12/16/15

Wednesday’s Ode #45

I posted this back on March 3rd, as my Wednesday’s Ode #4. I hope you don’t mind my reblogging it. I wanted to reshare it today, because I am SO longing for snow! It has been in the 70s week, and these warm temperatures are getting ridiculous!! I am so ready for some cooler temps and a little white stuff falling from the sky! … Hope you enjoy… 🙂

Today’s Ode goes to… SNOW!! Since I gave my tribute to warm clothes last week, I thought it only appropriate to give one to snow this week! 🙂

I love snow! Snow is fun to walk in. It’s fun to play in, and it’s even fun to eat. We haven’t gotten a whole lot of it this year (this picture was taken, in the North Georgia mountains, about this time last year), and about that, I’m kind of bummed, but when I start to get too down, I think, “Well, there’s always next year!” 😉
Snow is universal, it falls whenever it pleases and on whomever it pleases. It’s not confined to winter or spring, and it’s not bound by time, either. It can snow at midnight just as easily as it can snow at noon! …Sometimes, I believe, we could learn a lesson or two from snow…
I suppose my favorite thing about snow is that it makes me feel like a little kid! When it starts snowing, I get all giddy and want to jump up and down and twirl around!! It makes me want to clap my hands and do a happy dance! It just brings so much joy and laughter to our little home.
Now, I know, for some who might be reading this, snow might mean a lot of hard work, because you’ve got to do a lot of shoveling and snowplowing. For others, it means extra days of make-up work and longer hours of toil during the week, but for me, I guess, I just haven’t quite “grown up” in that area yet. I always feel like a little kid wishing for snow days when the forecasters start even hinting at the slightest chance, and my little balloon of happiness gets all deflated when I don’t get to see the white stuff fluttering down.
I love to get out in deep snow and make snow angels…


I love to take long walks and look at the beautiful trees…


And do you want to know one of the things I love most?
I absolutely LOVE making (and eating) snow cream!! Mmmm, mmmm, good!


So, we may not have seen much of that fluffy white stuff here in our “neck of the woods” this year, but I’ll still be dreaming of a wintry white Christmas for the end of this year! 🙂



They pierce like a knife 

They bring so much strife

They swarm overhead

They seek to find where to make their bed


They can soothe a hurting soul

They can calm and console

They can mend a broken heart

They can reconcile worlds far a part


They can bring clarity to confusion

They can bring healing to retribution

They can create life where there’s been only death

They can be so sweet to take away the breath


Once spoken, they cannot be erased

Once heard, they cannot be debased

Once tasted on the tongue, they can never be suppressed. 

Once received within the spirit,  they can only be confessed. 

Penned – MG – 12/15/15 

Light Pierces Through at Christmas

“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, ‘I am the light of the world.

He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life’.”

John 8:12

light pierces

He is the Light which never fails. When the storm seems the darkest, when the waves are crashing in, just remember, light always pierces through the darkness. There is no storm so strong that He cannot prevail. There is no darkness so deep that He cannot shine.

This world in which we live is such a dark place. There are many waves of confusion crashing upon the shores of those around us. The storm clouds rage in so many with whom we come in contact, and yet, too often, we fail to shine the Light that would help them to see.

I think, maybe, during the Christmas season, some of us become more aware, because after all, it’s the season to be jolly, kind and thoughtful, and we see light everywhere! However, others of us miss prime opportunities during this season, because we have gifts to buy, food to cook, goodies to bake, families to visit, children to wrangle and overspending to be reconciled. We may overlook the lost and weary simply because we are so tired and dreary!

During these next few weeks, as we join together to celebrate the holidays, let us remember how to be His light to this dark and stormy world:

He brings peace where there is chaos.

He brings love where there is hate.

He brings truth where there is a lie.

He brings healing where there is brokenness.

He brings life where there is death.

The world can find this light if they can simply…

Just hope.

Just trust.

Just believe.

Let us be the light that pierces through their darkness.

Let us show them He is the Light of Life!

Answer to Friday’s Angle #43

How’d you do yesterday?

If you guessed a powder case, you got it! 🙂

See you next week, or if you’d like to check out the daily posts, come back by on Monday! 🙂

Friday’s New Angle #43

Friday’s mean another New Angle! 🙂

Remember, the answer will be posted here tomorrow at this same time. 😊


This is really good. Couldn’t help but reshare…


I tapped my foot to an engaging new song while commuting to work.  My mind wandered aimlessly until the words, “Pastor got a look and said, “Ya’ll had better hurry“; Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri”, brought me back to what had so engaged my foot.  The song continued with my full attention as I listened to the song “Getting Ready to Get Down” by John Ritter.

Objection after objection formed in my mind to nearly every stanza of this song.  I turned the radio off with a mixture of anger and sadness.   I was once again confronted with the familiar lie buried into the artistic fabric of our society.

I know this lie all too well.  I believed these lies for long enough to know the truth of their destructive nature.  The Story of JD chronicles my swallowing of the same old lie packaged anew…

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