Wednesday’s Ode #49

Last week, I told you the Wednesday’s Odes were coming to a close. Well, I actually spoke a week too soon, because I should have ended them on the #50; however, since that was my little goof, I will keep to my word and end today. Ha! These have been fun to do over the past (almost) year, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about the things that I love. Thanks so much for following! It means so much.

Next week, I will begin a different weekly event, and these will start on Tuesdays…

As we leave the Wednesday’s Odes, I leave you with a repost of one more of my favorites…  🙂

Wednesday’s Ode #5

Today, I’d like to give tribute to sweets. I LOVE sweets! I love cheesecake (of almost any kind!) and key lime pie and apple pie. I love cookies, brownies and just about anything covered in caramel. I love sweets!

In actuality, however, it’s not like I eat them in excess, really. Well, I have to amend that, because I’m sure that is completely relative to whose perspective we’re talking about. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t eat many sweets and someone who may be very health conscious, I am probably considered a sweets fanatic. However, to someone who eats sweets all day long or someone who can sit down and eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies, I may be thought of a lite or moderate sweets person. Either way, I definitely like my fair share of the confections!

Some of my favorites would be warm apple pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and almost anything cheesecake. I love to have dessert in the middle of the day or even sneak a little cookie at breakfast. *Shhh….. I promise, I don’t do this very often, and I definitely don’t want my boys to follow in my footsteps, but I have to be honest that my self control isn’t very strong when it comes to the sweet stuff. It doesn’t have to be a whole piece of pie, and it doesn’t have to be a half dozen cookies; sometimes, just a little chocolate after-dinner mint will do! …well, maybe two. 😉

All these wonderful treats go just wonderfully with one of my other “loves” that I talked about here