Abandoned & Alone


I see you there

In the shadows

You think I can’t see

You believe I can’t hear

You are convinced I don’t care

Can I tell you, you were not abandoned?

I hear you there

In that broken corner

You wrap your arms around

You close your eyes from the light

You shield your heart from His adoration

Can I tell you, again, you have never been alone?

He loves you more than you can see

He cares even more than you can fathom

He’s been there longer than you can imagine

He created you before your mother knew

He loved you before the beginning of time

He never left from your side. He never abandoned you.

You will find Him in a song

You will find Him in a Book

You will find Him in a dream

You will find Him in a memory

Just open your eyes and open your heart

You will find Him if you will only believe


Penned – MG – 5/3/16



Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned

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