Spur Them To Love

What do we do to spur others on toward love and good deeds? Are our words full of truth that brings them toward God or turns them away? Are our words full of conviction or condemnation, love or hate? 

What are our words saying about our fellow man? What do they say about sinners? What do we say about fellow believers? What do they say about God??

Sometimes, as Christians, we can be so bent toward our own opinions and standards that we push “outsiders” away rather than draw them in toward God. We speak our view so forceful and with so much anger that they wonder if there’s any love for them in the message we give. However, more often these days, we can be so passive that we allow them to feel completely comfortable in their sin that they feel no need for a different way or a different outlook. This, I believe, is also to what this Scripture is speaking. 

As of late, I hear fellow Christians “biting” at one another claiming the others don’t show enough grace to the sinner, the message is too hard, that they need to be “nicer…more accommodating…more tolerant.” No, actually the message of Christ has never been too accommodating nor too tolerant. They ended up killing Him for the message He brought! No, the truth doesn’t have allowance for sin, but rather the messenger has to show love will telling the truth. When Jesus spoke to the adulterous woman, he didn’t condemn her of her sin, but His words were convicting, for He said, “Go and sin no more.” He showed her love while telling her the truth. The woman at the well was not congratulated for the numerous marriages she had had nor the current shack-up relationship she was currently in. Christ showed her love while telling her of her need for change. 

What are we telling the world that is spurring them toward love and good deeds? We must show love while maintaining a message of truth and holiness to spur them toward the same thing. We cannot expect them to do what we are not. We must show them Christ in all we say and all we do. Does this mean we must tolerate sin and condone wickedness? For grace’s sake, NO! 

God’s message brings about conviction. It brings about repentance. It brings about change. We must share this message with the world. This is the message that spurs others toward love and good deeds. This is the message that challenges hearts to repent and lives to change. We must be conscientious of our purpose. Their lives depend upon it. Their eternity depends upon it. 

What are we saying to our fellow Christians that is spurring them toward love and good deeds? We must show love to our fellow brothers and sisters, for this is how we show the world we love God! If we are biting, scratching and killing each other, why in the world would the want to be a part of what we have?? Love one another, for this shows the world the love of God… We’ve just been convinced in today’s culture that love is synonymous with agreement, but I digress. That’s another blog for another day… 😉