Sky Blue

The sky is so hard to describe in mere words; thus, I’d like to “paint” a picture of sorts… 

When the Son seems to be hiding from view, will you still seek Him?


When all is bright, cheery and beautiful, will you still remember Who He is?

When the hustle and bustle of your world is rising above your head, and you can’t see anything beyond the demand of today, will you still search for  more?

When the storms roll in, and the seas rage the shores of your life, where does your faith stand? When the winds seem to overpower your resolve and the clouds block your view of Him, will praise still be upon your lips?  

 Will the promise of hope be found implanted in your heart, never to be shattered by pain, loneliness or fear?
For the dawn of day shall shine again! Stand your ground. Hold on, my love, your salvation is here.  

 Simply rest in His peace. Trust in His sovereignty, and bask in His glory. It will shine like a star in the sky.    

Daily prompt: Sky

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