The Battle Rages

Thinking of all the political jargon being spewed, all the arguments being waged, and all the words being regurgitated, between friends and foes alike, over the recent tragedies in our country turned my thoughts toward this today. We are in a battle, people, and it is not a battle of race, religion or policies; that is only a smokescreen for the real battle. It is a battle for the soul of man. The devil doesn’t care how he wins it. He just seeks to win your soul for his victory. Don’t let him have that luxury. Fight back…the right way…”Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

the grizzle grist mill

There is a war down deep within.
It is a battlefield of purity and sin.
A struggle for what can be and what forever has been.
The one we feed the most is the one who will always win.

Everyday, this battle rages.
It has continued throughout the ages.
Through sin it has promised, death, its only wages.
Proven again and again throughout history’s pages.

A flesh-filled life gives in to every whim
It holds you in its grasp as your light slowly dims.
The lamp of salvation burns, the wick is always trim.
Hope fills the void, joy overflows the life that once was grim.

A life of peace, to you, He longs to bring.
Hope, love and joy in abundance, He has these things.
He takes away the pain. He heals those life stings.
Your name is called, throughout eternity it rings.

Away from heartache and brokenness it…

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