Hope Is Free

Hope is here. It is available to all. It is unconditional, and it costs you absolutely nothing.

The Hope I have is redeeming  it is strengthening. It is unwavering, and it is unifying.

This Hope that I have found isn’t like others propegated by many. It is not gained only by the rich and elite. It does not have to be earned by hard work or good behavior, and it is definitely isn’t obtained by violence to those who do not believe.

This Hope is for any who will ask and believe. It will give you peace amidst the storm. It will sustain you through life’s most difficult journey, and it will even give you Hope for eternity.


Jesus is the Hope of the world.

He loves you, and He longs to be your Savior. He doesn’t demand your allegiance, but once you give it, you’ll never want to take it back. He doesn’t force you to love Him, but once you do, you will never be the same.

He stands with open arms. He doesn’t require your purity before you believe. He never commands perfection in loyalty. He simply says, “Come. Come as you are.” He will love you. He will cleanse you. He will redeem you and transform you. You will never be the same.

Won’t you come?

Won’t you simply believe?