Love Him So!

Since it’s so late tonight, I’m just now getting to post for today, and we’ve been celebrating him this month anyway, I’m going to just post one of my favorite pics (currently)…

…and this…

I love what we have, and I never want to let it go. After 20+ years, we are still madly in love; he is still my best friend, and I am his. 

This kind of love doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t stay when you take it for granted. This kind of love is fought for, guarded and treasured. This kind of love can only be found as the two seek wholeheartedly after a holy and perfect God, who changes and transforms our imperfect abilities into little daily miracles that keep this love alive, that make this love not simply survive but rather to thrive

Only a loving Heavenly Father can make a fairytale dream come true. Only hearts focused solely on Him can help to see it as a fairytale dream come true. Sometimes, it really is in your perspective. It is what you choose to see and upon what you choose to dwell. You can see all the negatives, all the failures, all that is lacking, or you can choose to see with eyes of love and grace. It is up to both of you. You can build your life together “brick by loving brick,” or you can tear it down and destroy it in the very same way! It takes two…no, that is incorrect…it takes THREE. 😉

I am eternally grateful for God bringing us together, and I am eternally grateful for you and your love for me. ❤️

*Photo Credits: both of these pics were taken by a very good friend of mine. Thanks, JB! 😉💕