Withstand the Storm




The palm tree is very agile and remains stable through the most torrential storms. The roots go deep and wide and even grow stronger when storms come. The trees can brace against the 120 mph force winds of a hurricane, and they can double over in height to withstand the effects of tsunamis and tropical cyclones.


When storms come into our lives, it can be challenging to remain grounded through the downpours and gales. It can be almost unbearable at times. When the waters rise above our heads and the weight of the waves come crashing all around us, we can find ourselves bending and swaying to the rhythms of grace, or we can find ourselves breaking and uprooting from the stress and strain.

The key to this survival is not found in worldly possessions. It cannot be found in strong friendship and a healthy family life. It can’t even be found in self confidence, strong will or a determination to live through the crisis. All these things are good things, and they are definitely an added bonus, but none of these things will sustain us through the most difficult moments of our life.

Only if the root of our soul is anchored in Christ, will we stand. He is the only Rock we can cling to that will not break us but will strengthen and sustain us.

Commit to Him today before the storms begin, and you will find He is faithful to see you through that storm! We cannot wait until the winds begin to blow to make sure our faith is secure. When we are grounded in Christ, we will obtain the grace to withstand the storm. We must remain committed to His Word and keep our trust in Him, and we will survive whatever may come. If you find you are in the midst of a storm today, commit to Him even so. You will be amazed how He can carry you through!






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