What Do You Do?

proverbs3_5-6What do you do when the answers don’t seem to be clear? Do you throw a temper tantrum and shake your fist at the sky? Do you cry and feel broken, believing the light of day will never come? Do you grow cold and callous, convinced He never cared anyway?

Those of you who are parents, do you jump for joy when your child’s response is in any of these ways? Is this the way we want them to react when life doesn’t go their way? By all means, no. Then, why, oh why do we respond to the Creator of the Universe as if we are spoiled or rebellious youngsters?

Believe me, I’m “preaching to the choir” here. I’ve been guilty. I’ve sulked. I’ve whimpered and whined. I’ve even been known to throw a temper tantrum here and there (hopefully, not too many of you saw that one! 🙄)

Yet, the great thing about the God we serve is HE STILL LOVES US when we haven’t reacted the way we should to what we deem as unfair. He still cares when we feel disheartened and broken and when we’ve shown our immaturity. He still loves us WHEN WE DON’T DESERVE IT! 😉

He is a GOOD God, and He loves us SO much. Sometimes, He doesn’t answer for our own good. Sometimes, we can’t hear, because our ears are plugged, and we need to clear some debris. Sometimes, He has us wait; so, He can finish a work He began.

Regardless of the reason, why don’t we treat Him as we’d like our children to respond to us when we have to say, “No,” or when we have to delay with our response. Why don’t we respond to Him with the same love He is sending to us? 😉