I Want to Love Him

Wow. I was challenged and convicted as I read this blog this morning. I wanted to reboot it, but I couldn’t find that options; so, I’ve cut and pasted the URL for your reading: 


This blogger shares how he has found that true love causes a person to sacrifice time, energy and personal comforts, and it will always spur you to action. It leads me to these questions, “How often do we truly sacrifice our time, our energy, maybe our food, our lifestyles of comfort, etc., for Christ?” and “What are my actions portraying to this world about my love for Him?” 

Can you ask yourself that question today? If you find that the answer is a little on the ‘skimpy side,’ and you still believe that you love Jesus, and don’t just need him, maybe you need to reevaluate somethings… I know I do. 

I want to love Him, and I want to show Him that I truly love Him, but I truly need Him as well. I need Him with every breath that I breathe. I don’t think I can ever love Him enough, nor show Him enough love, but I believe, just as a child can show a parent their childlike love, I can try my best to show my Heavenly Father that I love Him more and more each day. ❤

Would you like to join me? 


Tuesday’s Treats #48

Capitol Coffee

Location: Maryville, Tn

This is the absolute coolest coffee shop I have ever entered! They have taken the old Capitol Theater and renovated it to make a venue and a coffee shop. The owners and designers did it right! Even if we are totally stuffed from our wonderful meal at Sullivan’s Downtown, we make it a point to stop by here. This place has so much character, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you walk through the door.

The coffee shop itself is really fun with the special coffees all having a name from a famous retro film, and they have even created a photo booth with costumes, hats and attire to make your pose picture perfect. The coffee is delicious, too. As with everything in the place, they have put forth their absolute best.

The theater itself has been made over into an absolutely gorgeous venue which can be rented for parties, weddings and other special occasions. Standing in the back of the room, you feel as if Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn might just walk across the stage at any given moment.

Now, if you’re really lucky, one of the managers or owner will take you down to the “Man Cave.” The first time we went, they were just filling this up with all the interesting and intriguing artifacts of days gone by. The last time we went, the room looked a bit different from this, as they have added more and organized a bit beyond to accommodate the feel and clientele they wish to attract. It is really something to see.

If you’re looking for a memory-making venue, this is the place. You’ll not regret stopping by, even if it is only for a warm cup of joe and a walk down memory lane.

Find their location and venue information here.