Friday’s New Angle #100

Well, today is #100 of our New Angles! Wow! This has been a lot of fun, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed these over the last (just a few weeks shy of) two years! 😊 Here is our very last one; so, let’s see what you think…

Remember to check back here tomorrow for the final answer. 😉

The Winds of Change

Since I posted about CHANGE two days ago, and I meant to reblog this yesterday. I thought I’d reblog it now before the last Friday’s New Angle comes up… 💗

the grizzle grist mill

The winds of change have come

I feel them blowing on my face

My spirit is lifted with the dream

My heart is now set to race


The change is inevitable

But with God, all things are divine

The memories tucked safely within

Onward moving, not forgetting those behind


A new chapter has begun

A new home, a new city, and new friends

In Him, everything has a season

In Him, He brings joy, even before it all begins


penned – 1/31/12 – MG

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