Friday’s Friends #1



Hello there! It is Friday, and that means it is time for our very first Friday’s Friends event. As I shared last week, each Friday I will be sharing about at least one new blog in the blogging community. I will try to share more than one, and I will also try to share those blogs who not only have been an inspiration to me, but who also might be rather new to the blogosphere. Now, they won’t always be new, and they won’t always have a smaller number of followers, because some I would like to share simply because they are great blogs. So, if you will give me the liberty, I would like to share with you my first choice.

I picked It Is Still Real because she has been such an encouragement to me on my blog, as well as, she was the first to reply to my “big announcement” about today. I thought since she took the time to send a word of encouragement, I could take the time to notice her first! 😉

Emissary has a wonderful blog all about encouraging the readers and diving into the Word of God. I love her post from the other day, and her cat is absolutely adorable! I do hope you will check it out, and I do hope you will enjoy “meeting” her. 🙂