Spur Them To Love

Thinking of our Bible Study tonight and how we use the power of our words…I hope you’re encouraged…

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What do we do to spur others on toward love and good deeds? Are our words full of truth that brings them toward God or turns them away? Are our words full of conviction or condemnation, love or hate?

What are our words saying about our fellow man? What do they say about sinners? What do we say about fellow believers? What do they say about God??

Sometimes, as Christians, we can be so bent toward our own opinions and standards that we push “outsiders” away rather than draw them in toward God. We speak our view so forceful and with so much anger that they wonder if there’s any love for them in the message we give. However,more often these days, we can be so passive that we allow them to feel completely comfortable in their sin that they feel no need for a different way or a…

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