Trite Answers for the Broken 

Sending out a word of encouragement to so many who are struggling through some of the toughest seasons in life… 💗

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Yesterday, we went to visit someone whose spouse is dying of cancer and then prayed with a lady whose mom is in the final hours of her life. A few moments later, we spoke with a set of parents whose 30-something daughter was admitted into the hospital with an aneurysm one month ago and who is, currently, knocking at death’s door.

Today, I read of a husband who is living in the house with his wife who desires a divorce, and I thought of a wife who faced the choice to stay and ignore, attempt to pick up the shards, or simply walk away from years of holy matrimony. Tonight, I read stories of children with leukemia struggling to thrive and more who deliberately survive day to day with debilitating diseases and conditions. There’s so many who need to be reached.

I read my Bible. I pray, and I…

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3 thoughts on “Trite Answers for the Broken 

  1. God is always with us, but when we’re overwhelmed by the sadness and tragedy that seems to be hitting so many around us, it’s hard to see Him. Our faith – Because He Lives – is what helps us cope and His guidance is there to help us speak into or pray with those who are hurting. You are such an encourager pointing your readers back to Him, the only true Comforter of our souls.

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