Celebrate Everyday

As we were driving home the other day, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of how life truly is a vapor, gone before we know it. This week is a very eventful one to prove this point… 

Soon, I will celebrate over 40+ years of living, and my (maternal) grandmother, with whom I share this day, will celebrate a spry 88 years…later this week, we will lay to rest my dear (step-paternal) grandfather… This is the same week, just a few short years ago, my cousins said goodbye to their father, and another friend said goodbye to the love of her life. This year will be 15 years since my grandfather passed, but if the moment is right, I can “cloud up and rain on you” in a New York minute. 

I have lost friends to tragedy, family members to cancer and acquaintances to sicknesses and disease. These moments have all taught me well…life IS but a vapor. Please cherish it like there’s no tomorrow. Share it like you have plenty more, and pass it on tenderly to all those coming behind…they can only possess what we leave for them. Could it be that their wanderings just might be shortened and their pain lessened by our legacy…

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Everyday

  1. My cousin once told me dryly, “life is short, and then you die.” I laughed when she said it. But it’s so true! Here one moment, gone the next–that’s the dark reality we all must face. It truly is important to celebrate everyday, even the simplest of pleasures or the most daunting of circumstances we face. No one ever lives forever in this world, and life is the most precious of gifts straight from God to us. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. I am glad that you are putting your trust in GOD. GOD has thought it right for me to not have to bear this kind of sorrow…but HE has kept it in my mind that life is a vapor and I need to be busy doing HIS work while HE gives me breath ! GOD bless you 🙂

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  3. You’ve said it best here … having watched my mom with her many health issues through the years, I have never taken my good health for granted. I have a close friend, once very vibrant and active, and now is tethered to an oxygen machine 100% of the time. She has a skinny tube which permits her to go from room to room in the house, and a portable tank if she ventures out. She says it is because she smoked many years ago. I have told my friends who have relatives who smoke about my friend. And, every time I turn around, either a friend, neighbor or friend or a friend is suffering with cancer. My heart goes out to these strong people battling this awful disease.

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