The Day of Promise

As I share moments with one of my best friends this week in her preparation of being the Mother of the Bride this coming weekend, I am reminded of this post I wrote a little while back about another sweet friend’s wedding day…

the grizzle grist mill


I sat in the back, ever the silent observer. I watch. I speculate. I admire. I reminisce. They stand at the front facing one another. The stress of the day is falling off as they interlock fingers and get lost in one another’s eyes.

Tomorrow is what they’ve longed for all their life. They think. They plan. They rejoice. They dream. They reach for that sacred ring. The weight of the promise spreading wide and becoming light as they remember the One Who keeps their hearts true.

She walks the aisle for all to see. She blinks. She smiles. He stares. He desires. They gaze and wonder for the days to come. The realization of hopes coming true and revealing the love forever sealed.

Embraced with Hope.
Sealed with Love.

This Day of Promise.

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