Keep Pushing On…Growth Will Come

Sometimes, true growth in one particular area of our life may seem like it will NEVER come. Sometimes, the internal growth is so deep, it will take a lifetime of process, change and adjustment, and it will seem as if this process is eternal sandpaper against your very soul. Yet, can I encourage you to not give up? Can I challenge you to allow that sandpaper to continue it’s work against your soul?

For, I have found, it is better to live within a lifetime of uncomfortable transitions and change than to become stagnant in the comfort of the mundane. The mundane is soothing and easy, but it will lull your senses to sleep, and you will find your heart full of regret and sorrow in those last, precious breaths of life.

To maintain growth within our spirit and a rejuvenation within our soul, we must allow change to come. We must allow Him to prune and reprove those things which we find comforting and reassuring of our own “righteousness.” Even when the pruning process seems repetitive, methodical and even painstakingly slow, we can rejoice in the process. For, in that process, we find hope, strength and life.

He will bring the needed change, even if it takes a lifetime for us to embrace it. I promise you, we will be a better person for it. Just trust Him, and let Him finish what He has begun.


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