Joy in the Sorrow

Just dance, friends. Just dance. 💗

the grizzle grist mill

We only experience true joy when we’ve experienced deep pain.

We only experience true strength when we’ve experienced great weakness.

We appreciate the sunshine when we’ve been surrounded by rain.

We are truly grateful for home when we’ve been away for a long time.

We all know the feeling when the day has been unending, and we’re so thankful for our own bed. We are more appreciative, because we’ve recognized the loss of it.

A parent values their child most when that child has been lost to him for a time.

A wife truly cherishes her covenant when she sees him marry the other woman.

A husband really esteems his wife after she has escaped death.

A child treasures a friend when he thought all was forgotten.

We get comfortable in routine.

We grow complacent in the mundane.

We grow ungrateful in the familiar.

Sometimes, hard times come to shake…

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