Tuesday’s Treats #116


Location: Kiev, Ukraine

This place was really cool in atmosphere. It seems to be pretty new, and I couldn’t find a lot of info on line, but it’s well worth the visit.

The waiter knew just a bit of English, but they did have an English menu, and we were eating with Ukrainians; so, ordering was not a problem. The food was delicious, and the presentation was exquisite.

The Borsch, grilled chicken, potatoes with fried mushrooms and the Greek salad were all delicious. Our party also ordered other salads, dumplings, and some type of potato fritters (See pic), and everything was absolutely scrumptious! My favorite was probably the Borsch and the potatoes, but I think I kind of made those items my “food staples of choice” while in Ukraine! Lol. Hat chicken was amazing also, tasted like it came right out of the smoker!

Next time, we visit Kiev, this will be on the places to eat! They don’t have a website, but there is a Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #116

  1. It looks tasty (not in a key lime pie or that wonderful ice cream kind of way, but tasty) … I will try anything once. I visited Russia as part of a Scandinavian tour back in 1983 … two weeks of Scandinavian countries and one week in Russia, first Leningrad, then traveled to Moscow. We went to a little town called Georgia during that trip and they served what was called a peasant meal. It was not meant to be a disparaging term, but instead was a hearty stew with wonderful bread (love rustic bread) and made with love by a family who had owned this small establishment with wooden tables and benches for years. I think it was my favorite meal during that trip.

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