No More

You always come when I’m feeling fine

You come haunting, taunting, pushing the line

You always come when I’m feeling down

You come accusing, assaulting, screaming until I’m bound

I’ve listened to your guile, your awful protests misaligned

I’ve received your vicious hatred and allowed it to confine

I’ve been consumed by this overwhelming, nagging fear

I’ve stood paralyzed and dejected, feeling you ever near

Yet, today, I’ve had enough. I am done.

No more will you ridicule, insult and spew lies like a gun

No more will you have control of my feelings, emotions and thoughts

I am vanquishing you for my price has already been bought.

You have no more authority. I suggest you now leave.

If you try to remain, your dignity will be relieved

I am free from your bondage. Looking back will not be my game.

I am released from my captivity. Going forward, I have a new name.

Penned – MG – 5/19/18

2 thoughts on “No More

    • Thanks so much. Prayers are always welcomed and appreciated! When I wrote this, I had actually been previously going through a difficulty, and this writing was kind of the culmination of the battle and the victory. Sometimes, you just have to stand up to those old tactics of war and say, “No More!” Ya know? 😉 Thanks so much for the prayers and sweet thoughts. Those are the very things that get us through! 💕


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