Tuesday’s Treats #174

Big Mike’s Pizza

Brevard, NC

This place was busy, the room had cool motif, but the “corners” were a bit dirty; so, we were worried, at first, that we may have walked into a not so great place. Well, we were wrong! The waitress was so sweet, and she worked her tail off serving and cleaning the whole time we were there! The food was absolutely amazing!!

We ordered wings and a large medium pizza, half pepperoni and half supreme. Oh. My. Goodness. Everything was amazing! We will definitely be back!! What a great place!

Oh, and next time, we’re going to order a calzone. Two of these were served while we were there, and they looked amazing!!


*Pic Creds: google images – i didn’t get any of my own pics while there! We were too hungry. Lol!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #174

  1. [I am seriously behind in Reader due to my work schedule.] Ah, I looked at the pizza and thinking “which one is sausage?” It’s been a long week. The images were good, but your description was even better. Sounds like a winning place to go.

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      • School already – wow! Well I was trying to catch up in Reader and I heard a chirping – the C02 alarm had reached the end of its life (10 years) and the battery was chirping to alert me. I was expecting it and have been looking for another comparable model – they don’t make this one anymore and all my plugs are recessed – stuff falls out of them (sigh). So I tried to pull the battery compartment back off and it broke – it was chirping away – I put it outside as it was getting on my nerves and texted my neighbor from my computer (I don’t text … just have a flip phone) … he came and got it, it was under his window. I was in my PJs and it was dark. 🙂 I gave you your laugh for the day.

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      • 😂 That’s great and so funny! Those batteries can be such a blessing and altogether a curse when they go out! In our previous house, when our boys were real little, we had come back from a vacation, late at night, to find 2 of our fire alarms chirping…which were also connected to our house alarm! Being the first time we had changed the batteries, we had no idea that the stupid things wouldn’t stop chirping until you replaced with fresh batteries, and I was worried it would set off the alarm if detached for too long.
        Needless to say, after many attempts, at about 11:00 pm, with two sleeping boys just beyond the closed doors of the hallway in which one of these was located, we almost ripped the alarm off the ceiling to get it to stop chirping! 😂 We finally got it detached and put it in the garage for the duration of the night and replaced it the next day! We definitely bought extra batteries for the next time… oh, and they weren’t just normal AA or AAA batteries. No, they were like those short, round, camera batteries that, at that time, could only be found at certain stores! 🙄🤦‍♀️ Maybe I returned your laugh for the day. 😊

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      • You did return my laugh for the day and I put the silly alarm outside and then let my neighbor know it was there in case he could hear it – he retrieved it as he said the noise might draw unwanted attention and someone coming up the side of the house to check it out. I went over and spoke with him today and it was still chirping! I would have thought since it was the alarm’s end of life as to the lithium battery, then the other battery should not work either – well I was wrong about that and what a surprise to have every 30 seconds reminding me of its deficiency. The chirping is really annoying as you know … I kept talking to the alarm “just you wait – I’ll figure this out and you’ll shut up!” My lowest point of the evening. 🙂

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      • 😂 oh, goodness! I do hope you’re able to find a solution soon. Sometimes, the safety measure they put in devices like that seem like a great idea until you can fix the “safety precaution” installed! 😜

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      • I know! And I could not believe the piece fell right off and I could not re-attach it. I’m better at watching a video to find out how to do something rather than reading a manual – I always go that route first. 🙂

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      • It sure is – our office is converting to Windows 10 – our computer guy brought the new Windows 10 laptop to the house, no instructions, didn’t configure it and he left. We’ve been very busy so just using the Windows 7 but I had looked online and lots of information there about how to use it and tips – I groaned looking at Office 365 as well. I am no fan of learning new things all the time – it is a sign of getting old. 🙂

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